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Pokken Suicune, Gardevoir, Pikachu revealed as playable in Pokkén Tournament

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During todays "Famitsu feat. January issue" on NicoNico live program, the staff of Pokkén Tournament announces some new playable characters.
Pikachu, Gardevoir and Suicune will join the fight alongside Lucario and Machamp.

Selectable battle modes are:
- Single Play
- Nationwide Battle
- In-store Battle
- Tutorial

The backgrounds of the stages are active so you will see Pokémon and trainers moving around and interacting.
There will be some support characters like:
- Emolga with Shock Wave (decreases the opponent's move speed)
- Fennekin with Ember
- Snivy with Leaf Tornado
- Lapras with Surf

The game will be available for testing at various locations across Japan:
- from January 30, 2015 it can be played at namco Lazona Kawasaki and Namco Umeda: on January 30 players will receive a Lucario passport, on January 31 players will receive a Gardevoir passport and on February 1 players will receive a Pikachu passport.
- From February 13 and 14 it can be played at the Japan Amusement ExPO 2015 (the game will be free to play), on February 14 the first 500 players that fill out a questionnaire will receive a special Machamp Bana Passport (exclusive to that day).
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