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Fan Fiction The real best generation: A Plat Nostalgialocke.

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Gallery' started by Meem E.A. Satdsaintson, Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. Meem E.A. Satdsaintson

    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    So yeah. Believe or not, Plat was my first ever game.

    So while I was studying for my exams, I found my old cartridge for that game, so I decided to go ahead and nuz it :coffee: .

    So therefore, I will document it.

    Rules are the simple old ones, catch the first encounter, permabox the dead, and dupes clause.

    Let's see if I can conquer an already hard game DEATHLESS! :knife:

    Or maybe just beat the longest I have gone without deaths.

    Aaaaannnyway I have been documenting this run since last year, but I will bring this onto this site for the first time for you guys to enjoy, and I will try to update it.... soon.

    So yeah, introduction stuff blah blah, and soon I'm in the starting town.

    And then soon later it's starter time, so who do I pick?

    I am fairly neutral to all 3 of these guys, I would usually go for Piplup, but I would like to save him for I time where I would like to re-make my first Diamond run, and I want to try out Plat's water types. And then there would be Chimchar and Turtwig. I think I've used an Infernape before, and I also want to try out Plat's fire types. so that leaves out...

    Aston the Turtwig (M)
    Lvl 5, Impish, Quick to flee.

    I guess the nature would help a bit, since the line is supposed to be physically defensive.

    So I get home, grind Aston on the way, and finally, we can process through the game. I decide to buy my balls, and so now we can proceed to do captures. What did I obtain at Route 201 I wonder...?

    Martin the Starly (M)
    Lvl 3, Serious, Likes to run.

    Was hoping for a female but eh.

    Serious is neutral, so I have less things to talk about. And if I get the bird here, I get the rodent...

    Riza the Bidoof (F)
    Lvl 3, Adamant, Often scatters things.

    I guess the nature would probably help a bit. Don't expect her to go all the way because of that, since Bibarel is a bit meh, though she is definitely staying with us for the time being.

    ...Aaaand that's a wrap.
    After the useless ball tutorial, I decided to grind everyone. It was going fine...except for the fact Riza was the hardest to train of the 3. And-OH WAIT SHE'S LEARNING A NEW MOVE NOW!....

    (Riza learnt Defence Curl!)
    When will you ever become useful....

    And anyway, back to my encounters...
    Statix the Shinx (F)
    Lvl 4, Sassy, Somewhat vain.

    She doesn't have black colouring, I'm only using coloured names for mons who will join the team. I can live with the nature and characteristic and all, but I am already using the Lux-line in another run of mine, and I want to try something new.

    Then all the plot-detective stuff blah blah, and then we go on to get our next encounter, most likely a grass seed thing.
    And THAT'S not a grass seed thing!
    Rob Jr. the Zubat (M)
    Lvl 3, Brave, Often lost in thought.

    Named after the boss Crobat from my HG run(No, not AGHG, another HGSS run I did.). Crobat is definitely my all-time favourite flying type, but I've used it like 3 times now, and I personally feel I haven't used Staraptor enough. So yeah, not using him.

    Then, I decided to walk off and take in an encounter from the sea place.
    Obvious, encounter is obvious.
    Versillo the Magikarp (M)
    Lvl 5, Naughty, Likes to relax.

    First water type, but a bit unlikely he will really join the team because I don't like Gyarados, and there are better water types I would like to give a shot with.

    So yeah, the part with the clowns, I give the parcel to the rival, and then, we fight him. As the title says...

    [​IMG] We had monkeys for breakfast.

    And so we proceed to look for our next encounter. After all that running into countless dupes...

    Kain the Abra (M)
    Lvl 4, Lonely, Often lost in thought.

    I'm normally not bothered by defensively bad natures...except this is an Abra. Though since I've already used an Alakazam, He has Riza treatment and is most likely not going all the way.

    Soon enough we get to fight some trainers. Hm, who does this guy use? I remember one of the guys use a Mach- oh, a Shinx? That means the next guy would have a Machop.

    "I got a nifty keen gym badge!"

    Pfff yeah, how did you win, crits?

    *sends out a Psyduck*

    Oh. I guess you could technically kill a rocks with that...

    I get my rock smash HM and a new encounter....
    Rachel the Psyduck (F)
    Lvl 6, Docile, Scatters things often

    Dunno what 'Scatters things often" does, but I'm fine with this, anyway.

    Let's stop here.
    "A weak-looking trainer...lets see how it goes!"

    So I'm guessing your Silver's older sister?

    Who's that?

    Uhh, nevermind.

    Soon, we get to to the next route. Please be a Ponyta, please be...
    Jessa the Machop (F)
    Lvl 6, Calm, Likes to fight

    Not what I wanted, but I still like the Machop line a fair bit, even though I am already using them in one of my runs. and uh *check info*

    Uhh, what are you doing? have NO GUARD! Forget the meh nature, welcome to the team!

    Wait....that means.....


    And the next part is just grinding and whatsoever, so we will stop here.
    So basically on update 3 onwards I decided to have the mons talk. Going on...
    Wow, you are really good at battling for a calm Machop!

    Eh, it's not that hard, really.

    I'm impressed too, don't worry. you actually kind of overwhelm me by that. Unlike...

    Don't stare at me like that!

    Hey dude, when are you gonna finish training us?

    Well, as for you, Aston, I want you to be Lvl 17, the leader's ace is a mon with high attack, so a bit more strength is necessary. As for everyone else, Lvl 13 would do.

    But hey, master, Kain is ABOVE level 13!

    Well, let's say I'm impatient and I don't want teleport for too long.

    Hee.. You guys never fail to make me laugh.

    Well, all the males are still higher leveled than the females...*grumble*

    Uhh, no? Aston is still only level 13, he's just close to reaching 14, but you'll be the same level as him after the grinding montage is done

    And yep, the grinding montage soon ended and then we head off to the gym.


    This is a gym? I don't see any treadmills or anything.

    Don't ask me, ask the game.

    "Well well young trainer! You seem new, so let me give you some tips! Rock mons don't like water, and they are also bad against fighting and grass guys!"

    Here you go:
    [​IMG]-Grass [​IMG]-Water [​IMG]-Fight
    Yeah. And I'm 15, just for the note. Anyways...

    ME V.S. ROCK

    [​IMG] V.S. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] V.S. [​IMG]
    lolwatergun again.

    And now....

    [​IMG] V.S. [​IMG]

    Badge get!

    Oh and before we go, I forgot about this guy(caught in the mine.)
    Silvy the Geodude
    Lvl 5, Modest, Often lost in thought.

    Low level, check. One of the least suitable natures, check. Characteristic boosting worst stat, check. Inferior ability, check. This is how you permabox something, ladies and gentlemen.

    And soon we decided to head back to the city, but then...

    G-guys... I think someone went missing!

    Who could that-HEY COME BACK!

    *karate chops wild Starlies* okay dude?


    Kain evolved into Kadabra!
    I'm more than okay.

    Alright, now let's go to, hey do those guys over there have...

    Green hair, oh, they must be clowns from a local circus.

    "How dare you criticise our clothes!"

    *Jessa used kick ass! It's super effective!*

    I'm really impressed by how strong you are, Big J!

    I'm still really confused why people fuss so much about natures honestly...


    Hm, this isn't such a bad cave... Rocks? *takes out Rock smash HM*

    I feel sorry for the poor chap who has to learn that!

    *Jessa learnt Rock smash!*

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

    So later, I went around the cave a bit more, and found a Rock tomb TM. Bad BP and accuracy, but does not matter. Saving it. Jessa could make use of that move the most well in the team, considering her ability pretty much gets rid of the trash accuracy.

    Now do you regret teaching me a HM?

    I ignored her, and soon we made it out of the cave.

    Does this place possibly count as a new area? I mean, it's the same route but...

    Well, lets just-WOAH, HIGHER LEVELED MONS!

    *takes it down* Huh?

    Martin evolved into Staravia!
    I'm taller now, interesting. And hey, Jess, gal, I have the same attack stat as you now!

    Heh, I guess that is kind of interesting.

    You look cool Marts!

    Yeah yeah. Now onto the next town.

    *we healed and then went to the next area*

    "Ha, you may have beaten me, but I have a key anyway, so I still win! Ha!"

    This dude is obnoxious!

    Yeah, I hated him when I played this as a kid. Anyway, lets see what we can get here...

    Mayu the Shellos
    Lvl 11, Docile, Mischievous.

    Well, I heard awesome things about Gastrodon, so I guess I would consider making her join the team. And also, remember that Glameow we fought just now?

    The team: Yes?

    It was level 13. Two thirds of the team are only slightly higher leveled that it! And I remember that there is gonna be a trainer later on with a level SEVENTEEN mon!

    You got a plan?

    Three words.


    Grind. Like. Hell.
    Hey, this place is full of water mons!

    Let me take this giant weasel down! Huh?...

    Aston evolved into Grotle!
    Heck yeah!

    Am I the only one who noticed all the males have evolved, but none of the females have?

    Don't worry Riz, You'll reach there soon.

    But I thought you said you would box me?

    Yes, I did, but I am only gonna do that in like say, the far future.

    I meant box me for that Shellos?

    Well, I eventually made up my mind. If you want to try hard and not complain, I will not box you for her. I work very hard to train you guys! So let me ask you, are you part of the original 6?

    ..... ...... .......... ...

    Riza evolved into Bibarel!
    Yes. Yes, I will.

    That's good.

    "I want to keep the honey!"

    "No, I want to keep the honey!"

    *ahem* Riz?

    Got it.

    *Grunts used lose! It's super effective!*

    Hey, look what I found! I think the grunts dropped it.

    Wait, a key? *thinks back to earlier* Okay I got it, lets head back to the windworks!

    So we headed back to the large building, unlocked the door, kicked grunt ass, and made it to the commander.

    "If you win, we leave the building. If WE win, YOU must leave the building!"

    Got it. Kill the bat, Kain!

    I'm on this. *Ka-shoom!*

    "Damnit! Squash him, Purugly!"

    Woah man, you really weren't lying to us.

    I'll deal with it! *Karate chop x 3*!

    "Ha! You think you can beat my giant majesty with that?"

    Ugh, that was one powerful scratch attack...ngh.

    Just let me take over!

    "Ha! you have a lame bird with 60's hair?"

    He does not have a bird....

    ...he has a bird with INTIMIDATE.


    *Martin used quick attack!*

    Yep that's a wrap. Give up, you goons!


    Lets hurry back to the center before they catch us!
    "Hey, can I look at your Kadabra for a while?"

    What for?

    Kain evolved into Alakazam!
    Hm, two spoons are better than one, I guess.

    Hey, how come I don't have bold words?

    Oh, sorry, here you go.

    Much better.

    So anyway, let's head off to that new route...oh hey a Buizel. Go Riz!

    I'm on this! *water gun x2*

    Ok! Now...

    Joshua has no balls left!


    Damn....never mind. I already used a Floatzel. Lets buy some more balls.

    One trip from the centre later...

    Alright. ready to go.

    (So we grinded(or ground or whatever it is) a bit more and then headed off into the forest, met some stranger with a Chansey, and continued.)

    I can't wait to see what we will get-

    Wild Bidoof and Budew appeared!

    Ok. I take back what I said.

    Marlo the Budew (M)
    Lvl 11, Relaxed, Somewhat of a clown.

    Not when I'm around.

    Got that right.

    "Hey mister fight with us!"

    Uhh, ok!

    "Go, Pachirisu and Beautifly!"

    Go, Riza! Use rollout on the bug!

    Got it!

    Pachirisu! Use spark!

    *Bzzt!*Ah! Never mind, I killed the insect!

    Good, now, kill the squirrel!

    Master, I can't!


    I'm sorry, but once I use rollout, I can't do anything the bug catcher got a few more- master, I'm sorry...

    RIZ! NOO!
    What on earth...
    I have a bad feeling about this!
    Weeeeeeep, weeep..
    Noooo, please! DON'T DIE!

    "Pachirisu! Spark down the beaver!"


    Riza fainted!

    Ok, please wake me up from this dream.
    *moves up* Huh?
    You son of a fucking bitch.... *jumps up*



    Big J, stop! Ok, sorry about that! *Joshua fled using run away!*

    I'm so sorry....
    RIP Riza the Bibarel
    Lvl 3-18

    *sniff* I d-doubt we can carry o-on like this...

    It's okay. This is all happening for a reason.


    Soon, we went to the next city, but since we were bummed about Riza's passing, we immediately headed on to the next areas.

    Lillie the Chingling (F)
    Lvl 16, Brave, Likes to thrash about.

    Can Chimecho learn any decent physical attacks?

    I don't know, but there is still some nasty redundancy, even if I plan to box Kain.

    What was that again?

    I-I mean I was actually s-saying I wanted to wrap boxes with Kain!


    Now, we still have a chance for a replacement at the cave over there. I think the best possible capture would be a Meditite, I guess.

    Hey, wait, you say that you didn't want Chingling because it shares the type of a teammate, and then you proceed to say you want a Meditite who shares TWO of our teams types!

    Well, the point of Nuzlockes is to live with what you get, so there. I'm sure the monkey thing would have a better chance of surviving than a baby mon.

    Jeannette the Meditite (F)
    Lvl 16, Rash, Very finicky.

    Ok, good. We will stop here.
    I have 2 DS consoles, so I traded to evolve Kain. You may think its too OP, but if I happened to catch one with a bad nature, I'm gonna need 135 base Sp.attk to make up for that.

    This is probably the first 'bad luck' death I've had in a really long while. Sorry if anybody liked her, I suppose everything happens for a reason. Riza will be remembered.

    Yes, I am going to train a Meditite. I've used it before in another run, and it's actually quite frail, and it does not help that it evolves so late. But I'm sure evolving would pay off quite a bit, and Azumarill ability is gamebreaking, so I hope Jeannette manages to outlast my previous psychic monkey.
    W-You guys are back so quickly?

    What do you mean?

    You JUST entered the gym a few seconds ago!

    Should I tell her?



    Uhh, Joshie, dude?


    I know you're going to kick up a fit but.. I'm leaving the team.

    You are?

    I don't know. But my defenses are pretty shoddy compared to everyone else, only to be made worse by your nature. I'll let you have a cut slave on your gang so that you can enter that evil looking building over there.

    What buil-oh.


    Kain is really kind, huh?

    Now, we have no time to lose!

    "Well, well, look who we have here!"

    Gah, grunts! Gals, quick!

    Ready fighting sister?


    *fighters used murder grunts! It's super bloody!*

    Now, let's get to the commander!




    Oh great. Wait, Martin, why did you shove me?

    I need to save you guys! *murders the Zubat*

    Y'know what? The giant skunk is still a thing.

    I have an idea! Marts! Come back! Go Aston!

    I'm on this! *CHOP!!* Gah! This night slash is really punishing!

    Now Marts, come back!

    And so I repeated this another two times, but with other teammates.

    Is it me, or is night slash getting weaker?

    Hey look, the Skuntank has a scared expression!

    Remember dude, I do not have a bird...

    I have a bird with INTIMIDATE!


    Let's run before their trainer catches us!


    All right, I got a new bike, lets-Woah! *zip!*

    Oh boy. Let's catch him!

    He's heading towards... cycling road? What?

    Beats me. But we should still save him.

    And so the mons headed onto cycling road, only to see their trainer being attacked by a stranger!

    "Hey, bustah, watcha doing in mah road?"

    I-I thought this was a public area!

    Let go of our trainer!

    She's RIGHT! *rams into cyclist*

    "OW! You will pay for that!" *sends out Ponyta*

    He's really not kidding huh-wait, he's not attacking me?

    ARRRGGGHH!! Stop!

    Keep attacking, Pestie! I want that Psyduck DEAD!

    Shut up you MORON! *wing attacks*


    Are you alright?

    Ahh, these burns are painful...

    *stares at Aston* What do you think you were doing ramming into that stranger like that? If you just asked politely, he probably would have given our trainer back, and not send out his overpowered fire horses to attack us!

    Ha ha. Your funny.

    Fucks sake, you are a goddarn STARTER! You should know about EVERYTHING! Did you realise Rachel nearly got murdered by that Ponyta!?

    May I ask how you got all this sass? You used to be the quiet one in the team!

    That's because we were NEVER in a sticky situation like this!

    Ok, FINE! If you want me to kill a Ponyta, watch me do so!

    What? No! I never said that!

    Ah, look! It's that stupid turtle! Perce, use Ember!

    *Perce used Ember! A critical hit! It's super effective! Aston got burnt!*

    What did I get myself into...
    Not again.
    Holy shit!
    Ugh... no..

    As the smoke cleared up, what was now visible was a grassy turtle, lying on the ground, covered in burning flames.

    Ah, what's going on...

    Astie! Dude? What was going on?

    J-just go... leave me here....

    Dude, we can't! You are the starter! The team's backbone!

    Guys.... I'm sorry...

    *send him back* We need to kill these Ponytas!

    I will deal with them! Quick, go back to the centre!

    Ok! Ugh...


    Much much later... after horse ass were kicked...

    "Sir, we lost sight of that stupid ape and her trainer."

    "You guys can't be serious. You got attacked by them a few minutes ago!"

    "Y'know what? I don't want to do this 'kill that trainer' thing anymore. That guy was completely innocent-it seemed like he only stumbled onto our road by accident!"


    "Woah, bro, calm down. Really, you can't be serious about this!"

    "Oh yes I am!" *kicks mud into older Ponyta's face"

    "AGGGHH!!! MY EYES!!!"

    "Oh, you so of a-"

    *Picks up a heavy rock on the floor and flings it at the cyclist's face at full force*


    "I don't think so!" *Kicks fellow Ponyta with his hard hooves at full force, then runs away*.

    Fun fact: Ponyta's HGSS dex entry states it's hooves are harder than diamonds!

    " you tell me!"

    As usual, the grass gym was balls-easy, though the Roserade took surprisingly more hits to kill, and the Turtwig set up reflect in the middle of the fight, so I guess that is also kinda annoying.

    Kain had to go. If he had a different nature, he would have stayed on the team longer before getting boxed, but lonely on an already frail special attacker isn't gonna work. Nothing against Alakazam in general, but I already brought one to the league in a previous run, and I want to give other mons a shot.

    I indeed tried out the intimidate strategy, and it was a success. The Skuntank was also really derpy at the end. I had Jessa in the lead for the last part, and the thing kept spamming night slash nevertheless, so because of the attack drops, they couldn't do shit unless there was a crit. Jessa also learnt Revenge straight after the skunk was down, and then I kinda realised that could have helped in the battle.

    The cycling road part really happened in-game. I had Aston in the lead, and then I came across a cyclist that I must battle, and she(though it's a guy in this run) had nothing but Ponytas. I couldn't use Rachel because she was already badly injured by some Staravias we fought earlier, so I decide to just lead with type disadvantage, because I knew that Grotle are very bulky, made better by Aston's impish nature. But then, the horse used a CRITICAL Ember, and it left Aston with a burn. I had to rely on other teammates to take down the horses.

    I'm not telling you what happened to Astie for now. Will he and Rachel survive the burns? Will the cyclist and his remaining horses seek revenge? What is going to happen to the remaining Ponyta? Find out in the next episode of TRBG!

    Well, who is this?

    Oh, it's a Gastly I caught off-screen.

    Ball the Gastly (F)
    Lvl 15, Jolly, Mischievous.

    Nature could be worse, I guess. And still, I know that Gastly is ridiculously hard to train in this leg of the game. Probably if we really need her, we will just use the daycare.

    "Hey sir, your mons have been healed!"

    Good! What's the outcome?

    "Your Psyduck is alright, though she has some injuries, so treat her with care! Sadly, your Grotle isn't so lucky. The burns scorched his skin badly, so he will need to undergo operation. Worse, judging from the severity of his burns, it would be a higher chance for him to die during the operation, but we will try our best."

    Ok, then. *comes out of the centre with his mons* Really, I don't feel comfortable without my own starter.

    "Hey sir!"

    Gah! It's that stupid horse!

    "No, I'm not going to hurt you guys. I'm going to apologise."


    "Look, I am sorry for the trouble me and my siblings caused earlier. Our trainer is a complete gangster, and I don't trust him anymore. Thing is, I'm really sorry about what happened earlier, and I would like to ask you, can I join your team?"

    Well, alright! You are probably my first encounter in this area. So, What's your name?

    Tony the Ponyta (M)
    Lvl 16, Quiet, A little quick tempered.


    "Hey, do you want to take this egg?"

    Uhh, why? Huh-*SHINE!*

    Randell the Togepi (M)
    Lvl 1, Hardy, Somewhat vain.

    It doesn't have any attacking moves and I'm already using one with a better nature. So box.

    Hey, this cave looks big, lets go inside!

    Ari the Onix (F)
    Lvl 20, Hardy, Impetous and silly

    She's definitely coming on if Aston really passes away during the operation, though I'm a bit disappointed I got the inferior ability. Though I don't care about this unless about worser abilities unless it really affects the mon in battle.

    Dat level!

    My thoughts exactly.

    Then we got a v.s. seeker and dowsing machine, went into another cave, and then went off to the next route.

    Oh, what's that, a Ralts!

    [​IMG] *Wild Ralts teleported away!*


    Why are we heading to that house?

    You'll see...

    Evelyn the Eevee (F)
    Lvl 20, Mild, Very finicky.

    Now, there are choices...
    Vaporeon: Nature can work well for it, but type redundancy.
    Jolteon: Nature can also work well for it, but it's already quite frail so...
    Flareon: See both.
    Espeon: Nature is quite good for it, but it's female, there are a lot of female Espeon, and I prefer being different.
    Umbreon: Nature is fine for it, but I'm already using it currently.
    Leafeon and Glaceon are both out. The nature is bad for the former, and the latter comes too late. And I never liked either of the two as pokes in the first place.

    So I guess out of all 7, Jolteon is the most suitable. It doesn't share type redundancy with any team member, the nature betters it's higher special attack, and the speed could help out a bit. Though I must be careful about it's lackluster special movepool, as well as the fact it's defences are also much worse due to the nature.
    "Hahaha! Have a little laugh in your life!"

    Yeah, very funny. Geodude, huh? Jessa, you're the one who needs some levelling up, so go!

    I'm on it! *chops the rock* Damn, it survived with a sliver of health!

    Don't worry, I think you'd be fine as long as the lame pebble doesn't use like, magnitude, or-

    "Self-destruct! Hahaha!"



    The smoke cleared up, and what was now visible was a Machop carcass, covered in scars.
    Jessa fainted!



    "Hahaha! Why do guys look so serious? Learn to laugh! Haha!"


    "Hahahaha! Not a big deal, come on and-"


    The next scene consists of an enraged chimpanzee causeing concussions on a mountaneer and his rock collection. I will not document that part as it is very violent and mature, in a way that there are very morbid parts. Since I know this forum has a few young members, I will not show this part.

    RIP Jessa the Machop
    Lvl 6-24

    Master, will Jessa be safe in heaven?


    I hope so...


    "I have good news sir, your Grotle has survived the operation! And is healed!"


    "Uh, sir?"

    *takes Aston's ball and runs away*


    Jessa is gone, and it's all my fault!

    Dude, calm down, would ya?

    You realise we have a gym to conquer, right?

    Marts, you are a genius.



    So the gang went around the city to search for the leader. She was in the contest hall, and then everyone headed to the gym afterwards.

    Okay, I will have Tony and Aston to stomp the gym trainers, since they are underleveled, and Toby could provide a valueble asset against the Mismagius.

    What about me? I can hit the Haunter family super effectively with confusion!

    I would love to use you, but trust me. I've seen a LOT of Psyduck end their lives at this specific gym, and I don't want that to happen to you.

    *insert horse and turtle killing ghosts here*

    "Well, well, it looks like you have decided to challenge me!"


    "Then why don't you have a full team?"

    Agh, don't ask me...

    "Very well. Go, Duskull!"

    Gobble him up, Aston!

    All right! *snap!*

    "Dangit! Go, Mismagius!"

    Go, Toby! Use Flame wheel!

    All right! *boom!*

    "Ack! A stupid burn! Mismagius, use Shadow ball!"

    Woah! This thing hits like a truck!

    Indeed it does! Marts, come out!

    All right!

    "Ugh! This lame bird is IMMUNE to ghost attacks! Change of plans, Confuse ray!"

    Oh no!

    Martin is confused!
    HaI gUIse, wHuT Iz GOiNg On!?

    Martin used Wing attack!
    HEy, dO YoU wAnTA PARTAY?



    "GOD DAMNIT! This is the most frustrating battle ever! Kill that lame parrot, Haunter!"

    Hm, stay on, Marts!

    PARTYPARTYPARTYPARTY *slaps himself* PARTYPARTY *slaps himself* PARTY *slaps himself*

    Rats! I forgot you were still confused! Here! *uses old gatau*


    Luckilly, I have a thing called an awakening, so here you go!

    "Confuse ray!"

    Never mind, just stay like tha-

    SYFGOCEFHOOVEESEAYUGJOOTWQEGUB! *repeatedly slaps Haunter*

    Oh phew.

    "Curses! I mean, good job on the win."

    Heh, no problem.

    "Well, I kinda thought you'd lose since well, you don't have a full team.."

    Do you want me to explain why I don't have a full team?

    "Uh, sure."


    "Oh my, poor Jessa! May she rest in peice."

    Yeah, I never saw it comming, and I really wanted her to evolve.

    "That's really sad. Here, it's your 3rd badge, as well as the Shadow claw TM. I hope you put those to good use!"

    Thanks. And so long!


    So the team headed away from the gym, only to meet.....a familiar face

    "Hey let's battle! Wreck 'em, Staravia!"

    Well, uh okay! Go, Rachel!

    All right! *water pulses*

    "Ugh, confusion! Switch out!"

    I'm impressed by how smart you are.

    "Yeah, whatever. Kill her, Roselia!"

    Heh, do you realise I was going to use confusion after that?

    "SON OF A-"
    Jessa's falling hit me quite hard. To be honest, this isn't the first time I had a Machop get blown up on. I also had a previous 'chop named Joe from my Diamond run. He also died to an exploding Geodude, and at a similar level. Too add, my Machops both had names beginning with 'J'. Are they twins? Or maybe Jessa was his ghost?

    I was fearful the ghost gym would not go so well with only 5 teammates and only one counter(Aston's bite, and there isn't even STAB). If Tony didn't burn the Mismagius, or if Martin hit himself in confusion, the battle wouldn't have ended very well.

    I could have ended the update at the gym, but I thought the beginning of the rival battle was hilarious, so I decided to show it. Tune in next time for the conclusion!
    Careful, the thing might outspeed you!

    Don't worry, I'm sure this will work! *shoots confusion beam*

    "Gah! You will PAY! Staravia! Teach those dicks a lesson!"

    I don't think so *charges at bird*

    "Ugh, damnit.....Buizel, go!"

    I don't have time for your nonsense! *razor leafs*

    "I can't believe this is happening..."

    Look, kid, I survived a super effective STAB move that was CRITICAL and worked on my weaker special bulk. You have every right to believe it is happening.

    Aston, don't be rude!

    Hey guys, pay attention! He just sent out his starter!

    Indeed he has. Get him Marts! Also, be careful, I've seen a Staravia get it's ass whooped by this same Monferno before!

    I've got this! *wing attacks*

    "Hah, he survived!"

    Think again! *quick attack*


    Woah, he's retarded.

    I think all rivals are like that.


    Dupe, dupe, hey, this isn't!

    Winman the Duskull (M)
    Lvl 17, Lonely, Hates to lose

    Hm, not bad, would use him sometime, Dusclops and his evo are cool.

    Do you realise that you can't catch anything in the tower now because everything is a dupe?



    Okay, next time I play Plat, I will play WITHOUT DUPES CLAUSE.

    Works for me.

    Could you guys stop balbbering? We already arrived at the town!



    "Hey, welcome to the day care!"



    So our new catch is...

    Nothing the Chansey. What did you do?

    Don't blame me! Blame the crit!

    Agh, nevermind. Let's see if we get better luck on the next route.

    Fred the Marill (M)
    Lvl 20, Can't remember his stats.

    Not bad, but it has Thick fat, and I am already using one.

    Then, we wen to the next city, played a bit in the arcade thing, and got a new mon at the next route.

    Richard the Rhyhorn (M)
    Lvl 22, Careful, Likes to fight.

    Not bad either. Decent backup for Astie.


    I didn't know you lived on a farm!


    Huh? *looks around* I hear some noises!

    Joshua! Help!

    Oh shit! *runs off*


    [​IMG] *guns a beam*

    *wing attacks*


    What's going on!?

    This stupid Girafarig CAN'T GET IN THE FUCKING BALL!

    Wait, *checks bag* YOU MEAN YOU USED UP ALL MY BALLS!?


    Billy the Girafarig (M)
    Lvl 26, Modest, Can't remember his characteristic.

    Nice nature and all, but was it worth all those balls?

    You tell me, we have processed through FIVE routes and despite that you still haven't found a replacement for Jessa!

    Well, okay, fine, and-oh look, it's a Chatot, let's......gah. I forgot we ran out of balls.


    Soon, night came. The team were starving; they never ate a single meal ever since they STARTED the journey. They all decided to eat the Chatot they encountered earlier. they were lucky they had a fire mon on their side to cook it. However, they all had to share it. Eventually, our 'hero' gave up and decide to head back to the previous city. Jeannette joked about eating Billy, but the team was too tired to laugh. Joshua then decided that the gang will sleep early.

    Ugh, we are almost at the centre...

    "Hey, son, want a rare 'mon for free?"

    Gah, please don't..

    "Well, it's not something you had before, and it counts as a new encounter!"

    Um, why are you asking me...?

    "You see, sir, you seem to have an empty slot in your party, and your team look tired! Want it? Please?"

    Okay. I will take that thing.

    Kare the Porygon (F)
    Lvl 25, Serious, Somewhat vain.
    "Umm brah Porygon is genderless". I know, but I am seeing it as female to 1. neutralise my genders, and 2. I see most other genderless mons as male, and I feel like being different.

    And anyway, Rachel really killed the rival's Roselia. Risky, but successful. The entire rival battle was still pretty much a joke.

    Billy was by far the hardest mon to capture in this run. He broke out of SEVEN balls in a row and then came into the last one. My team was really butchered after catching him. And the Chatot story is true. When I restocked my balls, I went to the next route and that was my first encounter. It escaped from a QUICK BALL, and proceeded to eat up my regular balls. I decided to call quits, because I didn't want to lose Aston(He was tanking up 5-hit fury attacks.), and my other balls were other quick balls and dusk balls, which I did not want to waste.

    And not eating since the journey began, yep, poke-logic.
    *pokes* Uggh...and WOAH WHO ARE YOU GUYS!?

    We are your mons. We were only pretending to be tired, so we decided to do some grinding while you were asleep.

    Well, I geuss that's fine... *yawn*

    Yeah, but chop chop, we have a gym to conquer!


    *aerial aces* Take that!

    All right! I geuss that's the last gym trainer. Now onto the leader!

    "Oh great. Nevermind, I will crush-wait, what happened?"

    Marts killed your mons while you were blabbering away. What kind of leader is that?

    "Ugh! Nevermind, go Lucario!"

    Marts! Use-wait it outsped?

    "Force palm!"

    Ugh, paralysis, now...huh?

    "The time has come..."

    Marts? MARTS!?

    "Whazzat? Oh, sorry, 'Marts' can't hear you. He's dead."

    Marts has the highest attack AND speed on my team. And also he-

    "Was your first catch? Whatevs, sometimes your first catch... Can be your WORST catch."

    Do you want me to repeat what I just said!?

    "Oh I heard what you said, bruh. Marts HAD the best attack and-"


    Wha? R-Rachie! STOP!

    "Ha, another stupid idiot! *critical drain punch!*"

    R-Rach? son of a freakin' bitch...

    Your bleeding!

    "*points gun at Joshua* You must die!"

    Ok, what did I ever do to you-*Lucario tackles Joshua, then strangles him*


    D-don't hurt him!

    "*points gun at Rach* YOU SHOULD DIE TOO!"



    "L-lucs! What's got into you?"


    The police?

    *raises cell phone* You can thank me for that.

    "Yep, the eagle is right. Anyway, I'm sorry about the inconvenience you all faced. This Lucario will be sentenced to five decent months in jail. I will give the leader a new Fighter to replace Lucario."

    "Thank you, Mr. Policeman."

    "The trainer will also receive the 3rd badge to make up for the trouble."

    Thank you sir.


    Thankfully, there were no severe injuries after the assault, so the gang continued with their usual nighttime routine.

    Thanks for saving us back at the gym, Marts.

    No, I should thank YOU for saving me against that Lucario.

    Ha, your really funny. Also, I might ask you, why are you usually so quiet? And why do you always like, trying to protect the team?

    Well, do you want me to tell you a secret? I only tell it to ones that I really trust.

    A secret, huh? Well, let me guess, did like, well, your mom reject you at birth or-

    Close. My mother is DEAD.

    Yikes.....sorry about that.

    It's alright. She was undoubtfully the best Staraptor in the world. She swept TWO gyms in a row and early wing attack was too boss for words.

    Her trainer was unhappy by how a lot of people he's seen box their starter birds before the league. He wanted to show that first catches can be your best bet...but the champion had other plans.

    What happened?

    My mother got killed by the champion's damn Milotic. It was absolutely unexpected; nobody saw it comming.


    I was only a newborn when that happened. I cried for MONTHS. Ever since I have absolutely LOATHED Milotics, and always wished I could burn every single one of them alive.

    That is the main reason why I am fighting, helping, and supporting all of you. I want to avenge my mother, and become the most successful Staraptor to go to the league.

    Hey, y'know you said that you wanted to burn Milotic alive, right? Well, I'm afraid that's not possible.

    Why is that?

    Because it's a WATER mon, it resists fire!

    Heh, that was actually funny. *yawns* I guess I should get some sleep now.

    Hee, yeah. Good night Marts.

    Good night Rach.
    Man, this update was long. I'm also on holiday, so I make updates using phone and copy+paste, so things kept crashing. Luckilly I learnt how to save by copy+paste onto my notes.

    Evil Lucario is evil. In-game, I actually used Aston to finish it off, but I felt that anyone who evolved during grinding should have screentime for the update. I also wanted to create some characterisation between Martin and Rachel.

    This run will also take a more 'plotty' approach. I wanted this to be a 'play and write' kind of run at first, but now in game, I'm much ahead of the run(7 badges, 3 deaths), so no point rushing through to keep up. Therefore, there will be more teammate interaction and stuff.

    And also, before you ask, Kare cannot talk. For plot reasons or not, you just need to find out.

    Next up, the NEXT gym.
    Wait, we are heading to the next gym ALREADY? We just killed the previous one!

    Of course, I did a lot of grinding and stuff, but nobody evolved, and the grinding session was pretty boring, so you don't really need to find things out.

    Ya, I get that. Speaking of which, when do I evolve?

    Level 37. I was quite shocked myself when I found that out.

    "Hey, sir, have you ever felt-"*I punch the man*

    Dude, I already finished grinding eons ago. I'm heading to the gym.

    "No, but I want to do something cool with your Meditite!"

    Wait.... is that an injection?

    Jeannette learnt Zen headbutt!

    Ugh, thanks a lot, mister!

    "No probs! And you can call me the Move Tutor-"*zen headbutts!*

    *falls into mud* "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?"

    Good move. Now lets' RUN!


    So here's the plan for the gym. I will technically lead with Aston and, uh...


    Yeah, you. And everyone else is backup just in case something goes wrong.

    So that means you will use me, a fire mon?


    Speaking of which, *sniff sniff* I smell something, master!


    (We proceeded to kick rival's ass)

    "WHY, JUST WHY!?"

    Because your an insane weirdo?

    Going to have to side with you there.


    This is the gym?

    Why do you ask?

    Because there is nothing but wat-*accidentally presses a button*-er...



    "DIE, YOU PUNK!"

    Um, dude? My Porygon2 killed your Gyarados while you were yelling. AND she gained Intimidate thanks to Trace.

    "YEAH, WHATEVER!"*sends out Floatzel*

    (insert shock wave spam here.)

    "No, just no. Quagsire, kill her."

    *razor leafs* How about no.


    Meanwhile, our hero forgot to bring his OTHER 4 mons into the gym with him.

    'The great marsh'...?

    Lets go inside, shall we?
    Good, we got that lame-ass leader out of the way.

    Seriously, that dude was PATHETIC, I mean, you didn't use your full team!

    The leader wasn't that weak. He did manage to get some damage onto you guys.

    Well, okay, as you wish.

    And, wait, guys?


    Our other guys... They're gone.


    Meanwhile... at the marsh...

    Wooper, Quagsire, Yanma... Yeah, I wonder what our next encounter will...GAH!

    Marts? What happened?

    What happened? Rach, you don't get it, that's a

    Wait, you can get those guys here? I thought they only appear after like the 6th badge!

    My thoughts exactly. Lets-Agh! *gets shoved*

    Huh? Who did that?

    I can sense it. It was a grunt.

    Since when did you have psychic powers?

    If I'm not wrong, she did have it all along. I think as she gets stronger, the powers get stronger as well-

    Rats! These guys noticed- *Gets strangled by a force* GAH!! *Throws grunt into the pond*

    Jeannette evolved into Medicham!
    Do yourself a favour and stay down.

    Good. Can I have my-Wait, what is that?

    It is a new town, I believe. Those grunts must be transferring mons to some large temple and burning them to create a powerful energy.

    How did you know all that?

    Must be part of growing, I believe.

    Guys! Where have you been? and what- your telling me to fly up that mountain?


    This place....

    Ah! Young man! I'm glad to see you!

    Well, I guess that is kind of, hey why do you look like your wearing a mask!

    Fuck! You saw my disguise! Houndour! Wreck his shit!

    Not today! *water pulses*

    You guys realise how the first person we saw here was a grunt pretending to be a good guy?

    Indeed, my friend.

    Huh? Who the hell are you?

    He is the boss of the grunts. He plans to create a new universe and destroy our current one, and you met him a total of 2 times in our adventure.

    How did you know all this?

    Don't ask me.

    Whatever. Sir, I challenge you to a battle and stop that kill the world goal!

    Prove I should stop it! Sneasel, teach them a valuable lesson!

    Ah! This thing is too FAST!

    Then too bad. This guy can EVOLVE, you know!

    Don't listen to him! Use Flame wheel!

    Got it! *whoosh*!

    Gah, damnit! I will return!

    After driving away the evil team leader, the gang acquired surf, and sailed away to a new grinding spot.

    Ah, Surf. This is fuckin' amazing.

    Hey guys look, it's land!

    Nice noticing, Astie! Let's all go out!


    *sniff* Hey, I recognise that!

    Wait, that's... THEM!

    Who's 'them'?

    I believe he means those thugs that we met at cycling road. You remember those fire horses that tried to kill you? Yeah, those guys.

    Fuck shit damn, I remember it like it was yesterday...

    Hey guys! Remember me?

    "Well well, look who came back."

    Yeah. Anyway, nice bold lettering. And good job becoming an A.T. now.

    "Yeah. I got fired as a cyclist thanks to you dummies. Don't you dare think I forgot what you did."

    Maybe you should think about what YOU did. Having your lame four-legged mutts trample over me, nearly kill the starter, and cause absolute disruption. Why did you do all this? Because you picked on Joshua just because he accidentally rode on your road. THAT'S IT.

    "Woah, hey look guys! The fuck-duck evolved! Just look at 'er! Blue suits her well!"

    "How did she get so skinny all of a sudden? She must have gone on a diet thanks to my stomping! LOL!"

    Wait, you evolved?

    "Sure I did! Just look at these tall thighs man, look! Oh, wait, check out this BLASTY mane! And does my horn look HORNY!?"

    ...This was technically the one that injured Rach, right?

    Yeah. Anyway, we have to GRIND. Gym, remember?



    *Grabs Josh* "Maybe you should try grinding against ME."

    Uh, Ok, FINE! Well Rach, since you have the lowest level, you can probably give the horses a taste of revenge.

    Neat. I'm on it.

    "Hey, do you realise only ONE of my horses are with me?"

    Uh, yeah? What happened to the other 2?

    "Well, the first one DIED. Being kicked by diamonds ain't fun, no. And the second one? Kicked mud into the eyes. No cool. Fire weak to ground."

    "Stop reminding me of the diamond hoove kicking! I was hospitalised for weeks!"

    "True that. But to make up?"

    What the fuck...

    "Marts? Heh heh."


    Who on earth is that!?

    It's... Ugh, the dad of my famous mom.

    And he's a shiny.

    True that. He got angered by the loss of his daughter, and now he is basically a psycho.

    "Where is my opponent!?"

    "Try to get behind this guy. He has PERFECT IVs, and plus he's got that special shine. Try and kill him, I dare you. Now, kill that duck!"

    "Heh. Sure thing." *Take down*!



    "Well, well, it was JUST like that incident in cycling road! Kill her right now!"

    A critical hit!

    What the-?

    "Yes. Fuck me. But you must soon come to know it was YOUR FAULT, AS WELL AS YOUR DUMB TRAINER'S!"

    Are you mentally retarded or just HIGH!?

    "Your right. We are high. We are going to fly away soon."

    "True that. What I meant just now was that if you didn't accept the battle, your silly horse would still be alive. So long, and Fuck you, you psyducking son of a rattata."


    RIP Tony the Ponyta
    Lvl 16-38
    This is probably the worst loss in this entire run. It was so... sudden. A crit out of nowhere, and full health. I really wanted to use a Rapidash too.

    Next, we will see the replacement.
    *Boots up computer*

    Hey! What are you doing

    I'm updating the run.

    Well you can't do that without my permission. And, hey wha-?

    I am opening a your box. According to your notes, you caught a fire mon in the game, so I believe he will be our replacement.

    I do? Well, you guys must have caught-

    It's because Meem wants to finish this run quickly. Anyway...

    Lester the Magmar
    Modest, Mischuvous.


    "Hey dude! Why do you look so..."


    "Uh, brah?"



    Lester evolved into Magmortar!
    Sure thing, mate. *flamethrowers*


    Staraptor turned into chicken!

    "Damnit! Kill him-wait what?"

    Yeah, sure.

    Not this time~.

    What do you expect from us?

    Floatzel exploded!

    Roserade crumbled into pieces!

    Infernape was extinguished!

    Heracross died in the most gory way ever seen!

    Now back off *shoves rival into the river*.

    And so the gang went to iron island, killed a bunch of things, got a HM, killed more things, and headed to the gym.

    "Hm, a trainer! Now are you-"

    I'm more than ready *points cannon arms at leader*

    "Just take the fucking badge!"
    Sorry for the long wait, but we finally get to see the new replacement and stomp the gym. Iron island was insanely easy-nobody died.

    Next up, the lakes.

    Man the last update was... a year ago? But of course I will try to update soon so stay tuned.
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    OMG.... how many chapters! :cry2:
    I'll try to read them when I can :yesyes:
  3. Meem E.A. Satdsaintson

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    Good news: Thanks!
    Bad news: Heres another chapter for ya to read :3!

    *moves through crowds* Ugh, where are we going? And why are we in this crowded library?

    I'm looking for some information. Be patient.

    Be specific, please. We have been moving through these fucking crowds for like 10 hours. What are we even doing exactly?

    I just need to find something okay? And I lost track of time.

    Sure whatever, but you are seriously taking way too fucking long.

    Wait, since when could you talk?

    Since recently. I had a good ol' system update so now I can talk.

    Rats, which one of you fucking bitches did this?

    I didn't do anything, I swear.

    Would you think I'm that much of a stupid busybody to do something like that?

    It ain't me... I remember the last night that she couldn't talk, I was asleep as I was tired from all the grinding.

    From my psychic memory... I don't remember a thing.

    ME!? Fuck no, I only just joined this lil' team ya peckerhead, I don't even know who the fuck she is!

    One of you is lying. I also don't recall doing a so called 'system update'

    Whatever. Also, are you aware we are wasting time ourselves by finding whatever shit our trainer wants?


    Ugh.... Where AM I.... guys...

    I'm here. Who's fault was it to go to the library in the first place? You never told us what you wanted! Well you got what you deserved, because you are in the hospital now.

    Uh, guys.... I think we have got to see the TV.

    Greeeeeetings! I am Ret Rerdijote, and here are THE LATEST REGION NEWS! This time, we will surface AN EARTHQUAKE THAT HAPPENED IN THE REGION!

    Seriously this dude is lame. What about him?

    A few hours ago, A MASSIVE QUAKE JUST HAPPENED HERE, and there were INJURIES, so it was important! Thankfully, nobody died. BUT ABOUT 151 RESIDENTS HAVE BEEN SPOTTED WITH SEIZURES, BRUTALLY INJURED, OR well minor injuries. WE ARE ABOUT TO TALK TO ONE OF THE VICTIMS, AND HERE HE IS, IN THE HOSPITAL! *bashes the door open*

    Wait, he's here!

    Goddamnit, why must all the bad thing happen at the wrong fucking time?

    Just act normal guys! Hey Mr Rerdijote! What are you-

    INDEED! I spotted him underneath that collapsed pile of rubble they used to call a library, and LUCKILLY, he and all his mons are TOTALLY SAFE! Well, at least the ones I found.

    So I guess we can give him a bit of credit for that.

    Uh, Mr Jote... I think you are missing somebody.

    Well I'm SURE I pulled out all of you guys!

    No, no. Somebody is missing.

    Oh, uh, I dunno! I only saw five mons!

    I had a Golduck you son of a bitch! Where is she?

    Hmmm... I think I can sense something...


    Psychic mons and mons who are capable of learning Psychic attacks can communicate with each other even from far far away. We can see what is happening to them, and we can keep in touch.

    Okay, sure, so what is happening right now!?

    She... is in pain. She is apparently tortured by this weird being known as a Mesprit who wants to banish her.

    More like messed-up spir- LET'S FLY OFF!

    Sure thing! Where can you sense the pain?



    Ugh... where am I?

    Where do you think?

    You.. you aren't... am I wrapped!?

    Well it's good to know you are here. You are related to this guy named Joshua?

    Well, so what? I don't care if you have-

    Well here's what you don't understand. You realise that your trainer has been threatening us and our lives?

    Wait... you aren't the real legendary!

    Good to notice. Let's do some confirmation. Now, where is that-*gets hit by a flame from nowhere* OW!

    Nobody messes with a trusty teammate!

    Lester is right apparently.

    Leave Rachel alone you douche!

    Why should I Marts? Oh and and hi Aston.

    How did you know my teammate's names?

    Stop listening to him! I think he was hypnotised!

    Hey guess what, I have Faint attack in my moveset, you psychic weirdo!

    Guys, stop arguing!

    "Well what do we have here?"

    Oh great.

    "Ah good. I had heard a certain trainer had been messing around with my workers. I heard from them and they had been saying... it was you?"

    Ugh, just stop it!

    "Well, as for now. I won't battle you. I know you will win. So long! I'm heading off!"

    You mean we are heading off.

    "Oh right. Let's go!" *throws a bunch off balloons containing a mixture of shit, pee, and stinking rotten eggs and soup at the mons*

    *splat*! *splat*! *splat*! *splat*! *splat*! *splat*!

    Ugh, this substance thing stinks! *shakes*

    You mean literally.

    Ew ew ew ew, what is this fucking nonsense? We all look like we have been through a dump!

    Well, so it happened. *wipes off the dirt*

    Awh ho ho hoa.....

    Maybe I shouldn't have joined this team.

    Weeelll, I guess that happened.

    Basically this update was supposed to go through the battle against the blue commander guy(I keep forgetting their names). The battle was really easy, so I decided to have him predict he would lose and walk off. Next up we battle the commander near the home(or so I remember).
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    :cry2: I want to cry! :cry::cry::cry:

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