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Fan Fiction The rightful return: A Der Erif run

Discussion in 'Smeargle's Gallery' started by Meem E.A. Satdsaintson, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. Meem E.A. Satdsaintson

    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    So basically, this is a continuation of this run. So yeah. Hopefully I will actually make it to the end.

    And here is a friendly FAQ:
    Q: So, uh, what happened to your previous run?

    A: Well, ironically, I lost the save file. I didn't really care because the run was being just ridiculously easy at that point, and I was pretty much killing everything. So from that I could pretty much conclude that if somehow I didn't lose my save file I would've won the run.

    Q: How is this run's playthrough in-game?

    A: Well guess what, I completed it in-game and...
    I actually did make it to league. And I won.

    Q: What is Der Erif?

    A: It's the same shit as last time. It's a hack. That's all.
    1. Catch first encounter.
    2. Faint=Death.
    3. Dupes clause.
    4. Mons who I have brought to the league in the past count in the dupes clause.
    5. After I get 2 dupes, The clause is off for that area, and I must catch the next encounter.
    6. Mons caught as gifts, the starter, and the safari zone don't count towards the 2 rules above.

    Oddly enough, rule 4 was also in the prev runs ruleset, though I still caught stuff I used before. Maybe I forgot. Anyway, here is the run.

    [​IMG]: Stop! It's too dangerous to go out alone!
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Come to my lab! I have a new mon for you to pick!
    [​IMG]: Uh, okay?


    At the lab...

    [​IMG]: Well...
    [​IMG]: So, in case you are interested, the starter choices here are different. Well, as you can see.
    [​IMG]: Come on, pick me!
    [​IMG]: Well, I Guess this is something.
    [​IMG]: Sure, I guess you would....
    [​IMG]: So, uh....I guess.....*closes eyes and picks at random*
    [​IMG]: Wait, you are choosing ME!?
    [​IMG]: Welp, I guess so.
    [​IMG]: Eh...I'm fine with that I guess.
    [​IMG]: Uh, so.....
    [​IMG]: Looks like we won't get picked.
    [​IMG]: ....


    [​IMG]: Oh, and before we begin, I think I need to change.
    [​IMG]: Huh?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, I've been wearing this for an entire run already. *looks into bag* Okay, good, spare clothes*
    [​IMG]: Ah. Better.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, and hey, an encounter! *Rock throw*
    [​IMG]: OW! Would you mind!?
    [​IMG]: Well....I suppose that happened.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, but we don't have any balls anyway, so it doesn't matter.

    [​IMG]: Alright sir. Here, a package for whoever you want to send it to.
    [​IMG]: Good. we got a package to send to that old guy just now. So I guess we- *Bzzz* AGAA!!


    [​IMG]: W-what was that....
    [​IMG]: Uh, don't ask me..uh...
    [​IMG]: Hey, guys, are you, like, the guys who rejected me just now?
    [​IMG]: Uh, yes!
    [​IMG]: Time to die!
    [​IMG]: Woah! Wait... I reist your Scratch!
    [​IMG]: Huh? Damnit!
    [​IMG]: Alright now! Here, have a real Scratch-
    [​IMG]: Ugh....wait....I forgot I DO have a fighting attack! *Low kick*
    [​IMG]: Yagh! Damnit....YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! *Scratch*
    [​IMG]: Ah! G-get lost, you stupid assdick! *runs off*
    [​IMG]: Uh, calm down?
    [​IMG]: RGH.....ugh. Well I guess it's back to the package thing right?
    [​IMG]: Nope, the stupid thing we fought just now stole it from me. Let's backtrack to the mart and buy some balls.

    [​IMG]: Okay, we got some balls. So, uh, I guess I didn't get your name just now?
    [​IMG]: Oh yeah you didn't. I'm Bryan. And-
    [​IMG]: Yeah. Let's go off to the next route and-
    [​IMG]: Oof! What were you-
    [​IMG]: An encounter! Alright now, not too hard Brya-
    [​IMG]: Ok. Yes. You caught me. I know.
    [​IMG]: Well....that was something.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, sure. I'm Dino by the way. OK.
    [​IMG]: So....can I hit him again?
    [​IMG]: Dude, shut it.
    [​IMG]: Well, doesn't matter. Let's go.

    On the next route...

    [​IMG]: Hi
    [​IMG]: Ugh. Who is....this dirty, weird thing?
    [​IMG]: How
    [​IMG]: Well, I guess that's-
    [​IMG]: Are
    [​IMG]: You are just some-
    [​IMG]: You
    [​IMG]: Uh...
    [​IMG]: Doing
    [​IMG]: Ever heard of a bath?
    [​IMG]: I'm
    [​IMG]: Guys, I think-
    [​IMG]: Lina.-*gets captured in a ball*
    [​IMG]: Well, she at least got captured. A speed lowering that explains why she is such a slow talker....
    [​IMG]: And can you like, wash her? She smells!
    [​IMG]: I'm sorry, but this is hilarious. A ground mon talking about how dirty someone else is? Especially one whose made of literal mud?
    [​IMG]: Grrrrrr.....!
    [​IMG]: Do
    [​IMG]: You suck.
    [​IMG]: You
    [​IMG]: Get lost.
    [​IMG]: Realise
    [​IMG]: Huh?
    [​IMG]: We
    [​IMG]: Wait...
    [​IMG]: Got
    [​IMG]: Left behind....ugh!
    [​IMG]: Where are you guys? We are at the next route already!
    [​IMG]: Left
    [​IMG]: Behind.


    [​IMG]: Alright guys....let's-
    [​IMG]: Wha-I didn't see that comming.
    [​IMG]: Well, I never imagined we'd ever get an encounter worse than the one we got just now.
    [​IMG]: I
    [​IMG]: Heh, I guess you are admitting-
    [​IMG]: Fucking
    [​IMG]: Hate yourself?
    [​IMG]: Loathe
    [​IMG]: Woah, woah, go steady now, ya dimwi-
    [​IMG]: Dino.
    [​IMG]: Weeeeelp, someone just got burned, eh?
    [​IMG]: Fuck you.
    [​IMG]: Well, it happens. But sooner or later, ya probably will get one nice laugh out of it, I'd say.
    [​IMG]: Ok, you know what? Yeah, you aren't so bad after all. That slow talking shit just now was. She's abominable. Ok, ugh. No, you're one fucking asshole yourself too. Get lost.
    [​IMG]: Alright, I admit, he isn't so bad after all. A surfer can be useful.
    [​IMG]: Dino
    [​IMG]: Is awesome?
    [​IMG]: Is
    [​IMG]: An absolute badass?
    [​IMG]: A
    [​IMG]: Good guy?
    [​IMG]: Motherfucking
    [​IMG]: Pile of coolness?
    [​IMG]: Douchebag
    [​IMG]: You're sarcastic. I know.
    [​IMG]: He
    [​IMG]: Is awesome?
    [​IMG]: Should
    [​IMG]: ...
    [​IMG]: Eat
    [​IMG]: But I'm not hung-
    [​IMG]: A dick.
    [​IMG]: ....Fuck you too.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, yeah. And did I forget my name? Yeah, I'm Ronald. Misspell it, and get washed!
    [​IMG]: Uh, okay?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, well not literally, but you know what I mean.
    [​IMG]: Uh, guys..?
    [​IMG]: AH! You stop that?
    [​IMG]: What did I get myself into...
    [​IMG]: I think
    [​IMG]: Hm?
    [​IMG]: Dino should
    [​IMG]: Not a dick?
    [​IMG]: Drown in the strongest Hydro pump ever.
    [​IMG]: ....Fuck me. Really.
    Well, the run started, and with that, I have more interesting things to say. So yeah, I got a starter! I guess that's something. And I guess I picked it cause I dunno, I think there was a reason and I forgot. Anyways, I'm satisfied with all the other encounters I got. So next up, we will be heading off to fight other trainers.
  2. Meem E.A. Satdsaintson

    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    [​IMG]: Ah......AAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!
    [​IMG]: Wait......what happened!?
    [​IMG]: H-huh?
    [​IMG]: Guys...
    [​IMG]: No....
    [​IMG]: I'm-*coughs blood*-
    [​IMG]: Heh.....dude?
    [​IMG]: What did you just do.
    [​IMG]: wasn't a big deal?
    [​IMG]: WHAT did you just do?
    [​IMG]: You just killed one of my mons!
    [​IMG]: So what? Just catch another one. It's not THAT big a deal.
    [​IMG]: No......*cough*....ugh....led.
    [​IMG]: killed Lina!
    [​IMG]: Bryan, hush. I need you to do one thing.
    [​IMG]: Yes?
    [​IMG]: Get him.
    [​IMG]: Oh shit.....
    [​IMG]: Sorry, but no. *Rock throw*
    [​IMG]: No! I spent so much effort in raising him...
    [​IMG]: Who's next? You have a 2nd mon.
    [​IMG]: Don't worry about it. I killed him too.
    [​IMG]: You....dicks......*led*
    [​IMG]: Now fuck off!
    [​IMG]: Heh heh....
    [​IMG]: I MEAN IT!


    [​IMG]: Hey guys! Uh, what is...?
    [​IMG]: Ronald. PLEASE.
    [​IMG]: Awww, right. A death. I mean, that can be-
    [​IMG]: SHUT UP. Ugh.
    [​IMG]: It's Lina.....ugh. She took a critical Sludge to the face. I'm already missing pickup...gah.
    [​IMG]: Soooo, I guess you can picked up a death?
    [​IMG]: Please stop. Don't joke about this.
    [​IMG]: I mean, heh? I guess it happened?
    [​IMG]: Heh, who do we have here?
    [​IMG]: Dude, move away.
    [​IMG]: Well, I heard you guys. A death huh? So quickly? Tell me about it.
    [​IMG]: Shut it!
    [​IMG]: Oh , well, look who I brought along with me.
    [​IMG]: Uh, what?
    [​IMG]: Okay? Battle? Even though you have no trainer? Fine, bring it on!
    [​IMG]: Yo.
    [​IMG]: Of course. Someone who is strong against my entire team. I really needed that.
    [​IMG]: Don't worry. I'm on this. *Rock throw*
    [​IMG]: Ow *led*.
    [​IMG]: Well, looks like it's dead. I guess you're special.
    [​IMG]: Ok, that happened. I hate to do this, but have a good old chop!
    [​IMG]: *resist* Think again. *confusion*
    [​IMG]: Ow! Yes, you guys, you all will do well without......yeah, you win! *runs off*
    [​IMG]: What an ass.
    [​IMG]: He's also a dick.
    [​IMG]: Grrrr....
    Welp, that happened. I can't remember exactly, but I was grinding her against a bunch of trainers, and boom, crit, dead. Though all I can say is that I'm more surprised than sad to see an early death. Sorry if you liked her, but yeah.

    Next, we will explore the routes further.
  3. Meem E.A. Satdsaintson

    Meem E.A. Satdsaintson Have a little laugh in your life! Pokémon Trainer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Generation Started:
    4th Generation
    [​IMG]: Ok guys, so I guess we lost a teammate...
    [​IMG]: Yes.
    [​IMG]: And it's thanks to our carelessness that it happened.
    [​IMG]: Yes.
    [​IMG]: And if we took more care of her, she would be still alive.
    [​IMG]: And another thing, you were technically the one who dissed her in the first place?
    [​IMG]: Well, I think it was, well, a death, I guess?
    [​IMG]: Uh, guy? Come on now! You just need to stop thinking about all this. I mean, we still have each other, right?
    [​IMG]: I guess so.
    [​IMG]: Guys, are you all done? I've been willing to go like, right now.


    [​IMG]: Alrighty, time for some training!
    [​IMG]: Come on now, wait before you know, you will die as well!
    [​IMG]: No you won't.
    [​IMG]: Ok, you know what? You can suck it. You heard that right. You can suck it.
    [​IMG]: But there are no straws here!
    [​IMG]: GUYS.
    [​IMG]: Fiiiine.
    [​IMG]: Hey kid, are you seriously going to walk around in the desert?
    [​IMG]: Huh what?
    [​IMG]: Yeah, maybe not. Here, running shoes!
    [​IMG]: GOOD! That means we can finally move on, faster!
    [​IMG]: And I can scare more p-
    [​IMG]: Shut it.
    [​IMG]: Hey kid! Battle, now!
    [​IMG]: WHAT!?
    [​IMG]: Uh, anything wrong?
    [​IMG]: You weren't even in the screen!
    [​IMG]: Yes?
    [​IMG]: I was just walking around and somehow ended up going in front of you. But I didn't even see you!
    [​IMG]: Yeah, but you somehow got in front of me, so we must battle!
    [​IMG]: But I didn't even see you in the game screen!
    [​IMG]: Yeah, and so he will pull out another grass mon and we are screwed.
    [​IMG]: Don't worry, no one here has anymore grass mons so-
    [​IMG]: UGH FINE JUST BATTLE ALREADY I'm already not liking this place...


    [​IMG]: Welp, one last trainer. But thankfully we still have tons of energy left so we should do fine.
    [​IMG]: True that, you seem good. But they call me the best trainer in this desert!
    [​IMG]: Heh, you think. Now we can-
    [​IMG]: Ragh.
    [​IMG]: *rock throw* See? It's dead.
    [​IMG]: Yeah, I was going easy on you and that was my weakest team member. But here is a stronger one! Go, B-stinger!
    [​IMG]: Heh heh...
    [​IMG]: Alright, yeah, that one looks tough. Return!
    [​IMG]: Alright, this shouldn't be a big deal.
    [​IMG]: Yep, Surf sure isn't a big deal. Because he will use that!
    [​IMG]: What!? *gets washed* AGH! Surf.....seriously?
    [​IMG]: Of course, a move that literally both of my best team members are weak to...
    [​IMG]: Aw, come on kid, I can handle it! I resist that giant wave thing!
    [​IMG]: Well, I suppose you are right....
    [​IMG]: Rrrr! *surfs*
    [​IMG]: Man, this is one wave!
    [​IMG]: Okay, you didn't take a Surf too well thanks to your low level, the 2 strong ones are....
    [​IMG]: Dude....please. Take this *throws a super potion using tail*
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: Please......I.....I won't make it.
    [​IMG]: And this super potion?
    [​IMG]: Use heal your stronger teammates. Now....
    [​IMG]: B-stinger, use Headbutt!
    [​IMG]: Heh heh!
    [​IMG]: Agh.....he....head
    [​IMG]: D-don't heal me!
    [​IMG]: What?
    [​IMG]: It looks like he will take a hit for-


    So yeah. Not a particularly big update, we just explore the route and defeat trainers. will see.

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