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Nov 9, 2015
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Hello everyone :D Because of the announcement of Gen 1 being released on the 3DS, I decided to go old school and make a Top 8 Kanto Gym Leaders. Now, I never actually got to PLAY these games, but I play Kanto maps on Pixelmon so it counts xD Make sure to leave your Top 8 in the comments below if you wanna and without further ado; Top 8 Kanto Gym Leaders:

Number 8:
Giovanni- Giovanni was the biggest pain in the butt EVER! I get the final Gym Leader is supposed to be hard, but I did better fighting the Elite 4 and CHAMPION! This guy is the biggest troll and that's why he's so low on the list.
Number 7:
Koga- Ok, aside from being the easiest Gym Leader EVER, Koga is a pretty bad character. I hate the whole "Ninja" storyline. And don't even get me started on his stupid daughter.
Number 6:
Blaine- This guy was the 2nd biggest troll and the only reason he isn't Number 7 is because Koga is such a bad character, he deserves it more. I can't get passed his stupid Rapidash during my third run, it's just so stupid.
Number 5:
Lt. Surge- Hate him. All I have to say. Not only is he the creepiest jerk in the anime, but he brought the horror that is the Electric Shock Showdown. That episode killed me. I hated every second of it. It's bad.
Number 4:
Sabrina- Sabrina was really creepy in the anime and also a pretty difficult Gym Leader. However, not frustrating difficult. More like, respectful. I respect her strength and though I still hate her in the anime, she wasn't half bad in the games.
Number 3:
Erika- Erika has probably the best anime appearance in my opinion. The only thing wrong with her is that she gave ask the badge without him beating her. But every Gym Leader does that. Also, you gotta love Gloom.
Number 2:
Brock- Brock was one of my favorite characters in the anime and not too difficult of a Gym Leader. Overall, I like his character but he doesn't get the top spot.
Number 1:
Misty- Misty is my 3rd favorite female protagonist in the anime. I know there are only 5, but still. xD She doesn't beat Iris and Serena, but she is a good Gym Leader, a good character, and she has dat Psyduck. Automatic Number 1 there.

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May 14, 2014
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Let's see... I don't have a number 1 in this generation... But I will try anyway to create a top 8 :yesyes:
1: Giovanni: because I liked his story (short but interesting XD)
2. Sabrina: teleport here and there... I hate this gym, and I hate psychic types in this generation XDD but she is an interesting character
3. Lt. Surge: because he has Pikachu and Raichu XD
4. Koga: I really like his gym XD
5. Erika: she is sleeping... >_> oook...
6. Blaine: nothing to say here XDD
7. Misty: like Blaine, I don't have much to say about her
8. Brock: I hate him in Yellow... because I always go against him with Pikachu >.>'' (I'm lazy to search a Mankey)


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Feb 26, 2016
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1. Erika, because she's a Grass Trainer like me :)
2. Brock, because he's hardcore
3. Giovanni, because he's a natural boss
4. Koga, because he's a ninja
5. Misty, because water Pokemon outnumber every other type
6. Blaine, because he was a good match against my grass-types
7. Lt. Surge, because I love Pikachu
8. Sabrina, because she's the only one left
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