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First of all, follow our general rules asd

Trade Rules:
The following is allowed:

  • ordinary trades of any kind, including Pokemon and items
    - you may make offers with the trade thread owner or you can open a new thread where you offer/search for a Pokémon
    - when the trade is complete please write in the thread that the trade was successful (so we can close the thread and the other users can know that the trade is complete)
  • trading of hacked Pokemon and items, if they are labeled as hacked
    hacking is allowed but it must be labelled as being a hacked Pokémon (please write if you got it from the GTS, Wonder Trade or passerby people) so the other users know what they will get and if they want it
  • cloned Pokémon are allowed but please write in your thread that they are cloned
  • if you can, always write from where you got the Pokémon (game, event, GTS, etc...), the nature and all the information you know about it
  • use the prefix tag "Trade" when you want to trade for soemthing or Giveaway if you simply want to gift some Pokémon
  • you can bump you thread every 3 days
  • you are allowed to trade for a Pokémon serial code (thay are used for redeeming special Event Pokémon) for another Pokémon serial code or a Pokémon

The following isn't allowed:
  • trading hacked Pokemon or items labeled as legits
  • trading Pokemon that are different than what was described
  • turning off your game mid-trade in an attempt to steal the Pokemon
  • refusing to give a Pokemon back, if there was an agreement to do a tradeback
  • refusing to give a Pokemon back if someone finds they weren't given what was promised
  • DON'T arrange a the trade through PMs (private messages). All trade discussions must take place publicly on the forumst, from the initial offer to the confirmation of the completed trade
  • we do not support the trading of Pokémon for real world items that include but are not limited to: currency, accounts, items, data or codes. The only exception to this rule are Pokémon serial codes that are directly used for downloading Pokémon. If you are offered or pressured to use these methods of payment, inform a forum moderator immediately.
If something, like wrote above occur, it is strongly recommended that you report the scammer in this thread and one of the mods will add it to the blacklist.

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