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I figured I'd start a thread where we could exchange info on how to get decent trades with other people on or off the GTS. After seeing the so-maniest player offering a Zigzagoon for a Mewtwo, I thought it'd be fun to talk about how we try to get a fair trade every once in a while. :)

What I try to do, is to try to stick to the tiers Smogon has layed out. Other than that, typing and overall similarity of my Pokémon for the Pokémon that I want to have. For example, Volbeat for an Illumise. I never had any luck finding those, but I had like three Volbeat, so I deposited one, and whaddayaknow? Got an Illumise a couple of hours later. Same thing happened when I deposited a Zigzagoon and asked for a Sentret. Haven't tried this with legendary Pokémon yet, though.

Anyway, what about you?

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May 14, 2014
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I moved the thread in the Trades & Battles :yesyes:

Well... usually I do like you: give something and ask for something equal (for example a 3rd evolution for a 3rd evolution Gengar for Machamp or a Pokémon that evolve with a trade with another trade Haunter -> Machoke)
For my livingdex I give shinies so I can ask everything and have in an hour or less the Pokémon that I need :yesyes:
Another great trade is a starter for another starter :yesyes:
Finally, for the legendary Pokémon, the best is to give a legendary and ask for another legendary :yesyes: sometimes it's ok to ask for a legendary if you give a shiny :yesyes:
and this always worked for all the generations I started to trade in the GTS :yesyes:
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