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News Year of Legendary Pokémon: Reshiram and Zekrom distribution announced

Discussion in 'Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon' started by May, Oct 3, 2018.

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    The official website announced that distribution of Reshiram and Zekrom for the October part of the Year of Legendary Pokémon will be different for Europe and North America.
    • North American players will receive a serial code at participating Target stores from October 19th through October 28th
    • Canadians players will receive a serial code in the Trainer Club Newsletter
    • in Europe and Australia the Pokémon will be received over the Nintendo Network from October 5th through October 21st

    Like the previous Pokémon, Latios and Latias, both Reshirman and Zekrom differ.
    For those with Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Ultra Sun, you shall receive a Zekrom, while those with Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Ultra Moon shall receive a Reshirman. The levels vary on versions. Pokemon Sun & Moon will be level 60 while Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon will be level 100, and hold a Gold Bottle Caps.


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