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1 Pokemon Index
Where we boast a comprehensive database of every Pokemon from the original Blue and Red version all the way to X and Y and beyond! The Pokemon Index currently offers a complete Pokedex, Evolution chains, a Moves & Abilities index, a rundown of Type ma
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 293
Average 315.8
Pokemon Trainer - Stats
2 Pokemon Trainer
Find the latest Pokemon News! The site is constantly updated with new material like artwork, sprites, and much more!
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 101
Average 124.5
Pokemon Fire Red - Stats
3 Pokemon Fire Red
Play the most popular Pokemon game of all time! Become the greatest Pokemon trainer!
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 163
Average 26.4
Pokémon World TNG - Stats
4 Pokémon World TNG
La nuova generazione dell'Enciclopedia Pokémon!
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
Today 12
Average 18.1
MewsNews - Stats
5 MewsNews
MewsNews is a fresh polish website with motto "From fans to fans". The newest news and aMEWsome articles. MewsNews to świeża polska strona z mottem "Od fanów do fanów". Najnowsze wiadomości i MEWsamowite artykuły.
Category: Pokemon | Movement: Neutral
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Average 5.2
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
6 Pokémaniacks Brasil - O Seu pokéblog
Category: Pokemon Neutral
5 4.7 Stats
7 We Are Adventurers - As Melhores Fanfics baseadas no Mangá Pokémon Special!!
Category: Pokemon Neutral
0 1 Stats
8 Jolteon Dreams - An Eeveelution-themed forum looking for new members & affiliates. Drop by and trade with us, share your art, find something to roleplay, or just talk about your life.
Category: Pokemon Neutral
2 0.6 Stats
9 The Zyver Region - The Zyver Region is an AU Pokemon role-playing-game set in its own region with Pokemon made exclusively for it. We have unique locations, advancing plots, characters, and battle system. This RPG focuses on a character's journey and growth, with less empha
Category: Pokemon Neutral
1 0.5 Stats
10 Ficmon - Ficmon é uma fanfic Pokemon contando a história de Shiru e Akami em um mundo mais realístico do que o normal e com alta tecnologia. Acompanhem a história e se surpreendam com os acontecimentos.
Category: Pokemon Neutral
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