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Evolutiondex - Historical

Applied By May: Mar 8, 2017 at 6:56 AM


Many Pokémon can evolve and become more powerful. Many evolve after reaching a certain level while others require special tools or conditions (like friendship or exchange). With the introduction of new methods for the evolution so here's a quick table to know how to evolve every single Pokémon.



BulbasaurIt evolves into Ivysaur starting at level 16.
IvysaurIt evolves into Venusaur starting at level 32.
VenusaurPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Venusaur using the Venusaurite
CharmanderIt evolves into Charmeleon starting at level 16.
CharmeleonIt evolves into Charizard starting at level 36.
CharizardPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard Y using the Charizardite Y
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X using the Charizardite X
SquirtleIt evolves into Wartortle starting at level 16.
WartortleIt evolves into Blastoise starting at level 36.
BlastoisePrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken using the Blastoisinite
CaterpieIt evolves into Metapod starting at level 7.
MetapodIt evolves into Butterfree starting at level 10.
ButterfreeDo not evolve.
WeedleIt evolves into Kakuna starting at level 7.
KakunaIt evolves into Beedrill starting at level 10.
BeedrillDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolve into Mega Beedrill using the Beedrillite
PidgeyIt evolves into Pidgeotto starting at level 18.
PidgeottoIt evolves into Pidgeot starting at level 36.
PidgeotDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolve into Mega Pidgeot using the Pidgeotite

RattataIt evolves into Raticate starting at level 20.
RaticateDo not evolve.
SpearowIt evolves into Fearow starting at level 20.
FearowDo not evolve.
EkansIt evolves into Arbok starting at level 22.
ArbokDo not evolve.
PikachuIt evolves into Raichu using the Thunder Stone.
RaichuDo not evolve.
SandshrewIt evolves into Sandslash starting at level 22.
SandslashDo not evolve.
Nidoran FIt evolves into Nidorina starting at level 16.
NidorinaIt evolves into Nidoqueen using the Moon Stone.
NidoqueenDo not evolve.
Nidoran MIt evolves into Nidorino starting at level 16.
NidorinoIt evolves into Nidoking using the Moon Stone.
NidokingDo not evolve.
ClefairyIt evolves into Clefable using the Moon Stone.
ClefableDo not evolve.
VulpixIt evolves into Ninetales using the Fire Stone.
NinetalesDo not evolve.
JigglypuffIt evolves into Wigglytuff using the Moon Stone.
WigglytuffDo not evolve.
ZubatIt evolves into Golbat starting at level 22.
GolbatIt evolves into Crobat with friendship.
OddishIt evolves into Gloom starting at level 21.
GloomIt evolves into Vileplume using the Leaf Stone.
It evolves into Bellossom using the Sun Stone.
VileplumeDo not evolve.
ParasIt evolves into Parasect starting at level 24.
ParasectDo not evolve.
VenonatIt evolves into Venomoth starting at level 31.
VenomothDo not evolve.
DiglettIt evolves into Dugtrio starting at level 26.
DugtrioDo not evolve.
MeowthIt evolves into Persian starting at level 28.
PersianDo not evolve.
PsyduckIt evolves into Golduck starting at level 33.
GolduckDo not evolve.
MankeyIt evolves into Primeape starting at level 28.
PrimeapeDo not evolve.
GrowlitheIt evolves into Arcanine using the Fire Stone.
ArcanineDo not evolve.
PoliwagIt evolves into Poliwhirl starting at level 25.
PoliwhirlIt evolves into Poliwrath using the Water Stone.
It evolves into Politoed when traded with the King's Rock.
PoliwrathDo not evolve.
AbraIt evolves into Kadabra starting at level 16.
KadabraIt evolves into Alakazam when traded.
AlakazamPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Alakazam using the Alakazite
MachopIt evolves into Machoke starting at level 28.
MachokeIt evolves into Machamp when traded.
MachampDo not evolve.
BellsproutIt evolves into Weepinbell starting at level 21.
WeepinbellIt evolves into Victreebel using the Leaf Stone.
VictreebelDo not evolve.
TentacoolIt evolves into Tentacruel starting at level 30.
TentacruelDo not evolve.
GeodudeIt evolves into Graveler starting at level 25.
GravelerIt evolves into Golem when traded.
GolemDo not evolve.
PonytaIt evolves into Rapidash starting at level 40.
RapidashDo not evolve.
SlowpokeIt evolves into Slowbro starting at level 37.
It evolves into Slowking when traded with the King's Rock.
SlowbroDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Slowbro using the Slowbronite
MagnemiteIt evolves into Magneton starting at level 30.
MagnetonDPPt: It evolves into Magnezone going up one level in Mt. Coronet
BW/B2W2: going up one level in Chargestone Cave.
XY: going up one level in Route 13
ORAS: going up one level in Electric Field (in New Mauville)
Farfetch'dDo not evolve.
DoduoIt evolves into Dodrio starting at level 31.
DodrioDo not evolve.
SeelIt evolves into Dewgong starting at level 34.
DewgongDo not evolve.
GrimerIt evolves into Muk starting at level 38.
MukDo not evolve.
ShellderIt evolves into Cloyster using the Water Stone.
CloysterDo not evolve.
GastlyIt evolves into Haunter starting at level 25.
HaunterIt evolves into Gengar when traded.
GengarPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Gengar using the Gengarite
OnixIt evolves into Steelix when traded with la Metal Coat.
DrowzeeIt evolves into Hypno starting at level 26.
HypnoDo not evolve.
KrabbyIt evolves into Kingler starting at level 28.
KinglerDo not evolve.
VoltorbIt evolves into Electrode starting at level 30.
ElectrodeDo not evolve.
ExeggcuteIt evolves into Exeggutor using the Leaf Stone.
ExeggutorDo not evolve.
CuboneIt evolves into Marowak starting at level 28.
MarowakDo not evolve.
HitmonleeDo not evolve.
HitmonchanDo not evolve.
LickitungIt evolves into Lickilicky when leveled up while knowing Rollout.
KoffingIt evolves into Weezing starting at level 35.
WeezingkDo not evolve.
RhyhornIt evolves into Rhydon starting at level 42.
RhydonIt evolves into Rhyperior when traded with Protector.
ChanseyIt evolves into Blissey when leleved up with high friendship.
TangelaIt evolves into Tangrowth when leveled up while knowing AncientPower.
KangaskhanPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Kangaskhan using the Kangaskhanite
HorseaIt evolves into Seadra starting at level 32.
SeadraIt evolves into Kingdra when traded with Dragon Scale.
GoldeenIt evolves into Seaking starting at level 33.
SeakingDo not evolve.
StaryuIt evolves into Starmie using the Water Stone.
StarmieDo not evolve.
Mr. MimeDo not evolve.
ScytherIt evolves into Scizor when traded with Metal Coat.
JynxDo not evolve.
ElectabuzzIt evolves into Electivire when traded with Electirizer.
MagmarIt evolves into Magmortar when traded with Magmarizer.
PinsirPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Pinsir using the Pinsirite
TaurosDo not evolve.
MagikarpIt evolves into Gyarados starting at level 20.
GyaradosPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Gyarados using the Gyaradosite
LaprasDo not evolve.
DittoDo not evolve.
EeveeIt evolves into Vaporeon using the Water Stone.
It evolves into Jolteon using the Thunder Stone.
It evolves into Flareon using the Fire Stone.
It evolves into Espeon when leleved up with high friendship (only in daytime).
It evolves into Umbreon when leleved up with high friendship (only in nighttime).
It evolves into Leafeon when leleved up near a Moss Rock.
It evolves into Glaceon when leleved up near an Ice Rock.
It evolves into Sylveon when leveled up with maximum bond in Pokémon Amie and while knowing a Fairy-type move.
VaporeonDo not evolve.
JolteonDo not evolve.
FlareonDo not evolve.
PorygonIt evolves into Porygon2 when traded with Up-Grade.
OmanyteIt evolves into Omastar starting at level 40.
OmastarDo not evolve.
KabutoIt evolves into Kabutops starting at level 40.
KabutopsDo not evolve.
AerodactylPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Aerodactyl using the Aerodactylite
SnorlaxDo not evolve.
ArticunoDo not evolve.
ZapdosDo not evolve.
MoltresDo not evolve.
DratiniIt evolves into Dragonair starting at level 30.
DragonairIt evolves into Dragonite starting at level 55.
DragoniteDo not evolve.
MewtwoPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo X using the Mewtwonite X
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Mewtwo Y using the Mewtwonite Y
MewDo not evolve.
ChikoritaIt evolves into Bayleef starting at level 16.
BayleefIt evolves into Meganium starting at level 32.
MeganiumDo not evolve.
CyndaquilIt evolves into Quilava starting at level 14.
QuilavaIt evolves into Thyplosion starting at level 36.
ThyplosionDo not evolve.
TotodileIt evolves into Croconaw starting at level 18.
CroconawIt evolves into Feraligatr starting at level 36.
FeraligatrDo not evolve.
SentretIt evolves into Furret starting at level 15.
FurretDo not evolve.
HoothootIt evolves into Noctowl starting at level 20.
NoctowlDo not evolve.
LedybaIt evolves into Ledian starting at level 18.
LedianDo not evolve.
SpinarakIt evolves into Ariados starting at level 22.
AriadosDo not evolve.
CrobatDo not evolve.
ChinchouIt evolves into Lanturn starting at level 27.
LanturnDo not evolve.
PichuIt evolves into Pikachu with friendship.
CleffaIt evolves into Clefairy with friendship.
IgglybuffIt evolves into Jigglypuff when leleved up with high friendship.
TogepiIt evolves into Togetic when leleved up with high friendship.
TogeticIt evolves into Togekiss using the Shiny Stone.
NatuIt evolves into Xatu starting at level 25.
XatuDo not evolve.
MareepIt evolves into Flaaaffy starting at level 15.
FlaaaffyIt evolves into Ampharos starting at level 30.
AmpharosPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite
BellossomDo not evolve.
MarillIt evolves into Azumarill starting at level 18.
AzumarillDo not evolve.
SudowoodoDo not evolve.
PolitoedDo not evolve.
HoppipIt evolves into Skiploom starting at level 18.
SkiploomIt evolves into Jumpluff starting at level 27.
JumpluffDo not evolve.
AipomIt evolves into Ambipomwhen leveled up while knowing Double Hit.
SunkernIt evolves into Togekiss using the Sun Stone.
SunfloraDo not evolve.
YanmaIt evolves into Yanmega leveled up while knowing AncientPower.
WooperIt evolves into Quagsire starting at level 20.
QuagsireDo not evolve.
EspeonDo not evolve.
UmbreonDo not evolve.
MurkrowIt evolves into Honchkrow using the Dusk Stone.
SlowkingDo not evolve.
MisdreavusIt evolves into Mismagius using the Dusk Stone.
UnownDo not evolve.
WobbuffetDo not evolve.
GirafarigDo not evolve.
PinecoIt evolves into Forretress starting at level 31.
ForretressDo not evolve.
DunsparceDo not evolve.
GligarIt evolves into Gliscor when leveled up holding a Razor Fang during the night.
SteelixDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Steelix using the Steelixite
SnubbullIt evolves into Granbull starting at level 23.
GranbullDo not evolve.
QwilfishDo not evolve.
ScizorPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Scizor using the Scizorite
ShuckleDo not evolve.
HeracrossPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Heracross using the Heracronite
SneaselIt evolves into Weavile when leveled up holding a Razor Claw during the night.
TeddiursaIt evolves into Ursaring starting at level 30.
UrsaringDo not evolve.
SlugmaIt evolves into Magcargo starting at level 38.
MagcargoDo not evolve.
SwinubIt evolves into Piloswine starting at level 33.
PiloswineIt evolves into Mamoswine leveled up while knowing AncientPower.
CorsolaDo not evolve.
RemoraidIt evolves into Octillery starting at level 25.
OctilleryDo not evolve.
DelibirdDo not evolve.
MantineDo not evolve.
SkarmoryDo not evolve.
HoundourIt evolves into Houndoom starting at level 24.
HoundoomPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Houndoom using the Houndoominite
KingdraDo not evolve.
PhanpyIt evolves into Donphan starting at level 25.
DonphanDo not evolve.
Porygon2It evolves into Porygon-Z when traded with Dubious Disc.
StantlerDo not evolve.
SmeargleDo not evolve.
TyrogueIt evolves starting at level 20.
- it evolves into Hitmonlee if his Attack is higher than his Defense.
- it evolves into Hitmonchan if his Defense is higher than his Attack.
- it evolves into Hitmontop if his Attack and Defense are the same.
HitmontopDo not evolve.
SmoochumIt evolves into Jynx starting at level 30.
ElekidIt evolves into Electabuzz starting at level 30.
MagbyIt evolves into Magmar starting at level 30.
MiltankDo not evolve.
BlisseyDo not evolve.
RaikouDo not evolve.
EnteiDo not evolve.
SuicuneDo not evolve.
LarvitarIt evolves into Pupitar starting at level 30.
PupitarIt evolves into Tyranitar starting at level 55.
TyranitarPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Tyranitar using the Tyranitarite
LugiaDo not evolve.
Ho-ohDo not evolve.
CelebiDo not evolve.
TreeckoIt evolves into Grovyle starting at level 16.
GrovyleIt evolves into Sceptile starting at level 36.
SceptileDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Sceptile using the Sceptilite

TorchicIt evolves into Combusken starting at level 16.
CombuskenIt evolves into Blaziken starting at level 36.
BlazikenPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken using the Blazikenite
MudkipIt evolves into Marshtomp starting at level 16.
MarshtompIt evolves into Swampert starting at level 36.
SwampertDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Swampert using the Swampertite
PoochyenaIt evolves into Mightyena starting at level 18.
MightyenaDo not evolve.
ZigzagoonIt evolves into Linoone starting at level 20.
LinooneDo not evolve.
WurmpleIt evolves into Silcoon or in Cascoon starting at level 7.
SilcoonIt evolves into Beautifly starting at level 10.
BeautiflyDo not evolve.
CascoonIt evolves into Dustox starting at level 10.
DustoxDo not evolve.
LotadIt evolves into Lombre starting at level 14.
LombreIt evolves into Ludicolo using the Water Stone.
LudicoloDo not evolve.
SeedotIt evolves into Nuzleaf starting at level 14.
NuzleafIt evolves into Shiftry using the Leaf Stone.
ShiftryDo not evolve.
TaillowIt evolves into Swellow starting at level 22.
SwellowDo not evolve.
WingullIt evolves into Pelipper starting at level 25.
PelipperDo not evolve.
RaltsIt evolves into Kirlia starting at level 20.
KirliaIt evolves into Gardevoir starting at level 30.
It evolves into Gallade using the Dawn Stone on a male Kirlia.
GardevoirPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Gardevoir using the Gardevoirite
SirskitIt evolves into Masquerain starting at level 22.
MasquerainDo not evolve.
ShroomishIt evolves into Breloom starting at level 23.
BreloomDo not evolve.
SlakothIt evolves into Vigoroth starting at level 18.
VigorothIt evolves into Slaking starting at level 36.
SlakingDo not evolve.
NincadaIt evolves into Ninjask starting at level 20.
Having a Pokéball and a free slot you can also obtained Shedinja.
NinjaskDo not evolve.
ShedinjaDo not evolve.
WhismurIt evolves into Loudred starting at level 20.
LoudredIt evolves into Exploud starting at level 40.
ExploudDo not evolve.
MakuhitaIt evolves into Hariyama starting at level 24.
HariyamaDo not evolve.
AzurillIt evolves into Marill when leleved up with high friendship.

DPPt: It evolves into Probopass going up one level in Mt. Coronet
BW/B2W2: going up one level in Chargestone Cave.
XY: going up one level in Route 13
ORAS: going up one level in Electric Field (in New Mauville)

SkittyIt evolves into Delcatty using the Moon Stone.
DelcattyDo not evolve.
SableyeDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Sableye using the Sableyeite
MawilePrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Mawile using the Mawilite
AronIt evolves into Lairon starting at level 32.
LaironIt evolves into Aggron starting at level 42.
AggronPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Aggron using the Aggronite
MedititeIt evolves into Medicham starting at level 37.
MedichamPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Medicham using the Medichamite
ElectrikeIt evolves into Manectric starting at level 26.
ManectricPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Manectric using the Manectite
PlusleDo not evolve.
MinumDo not evolve.
VolbeatDo not evolve.
IllumiseDo not evolve.
RoseliaIt evolves into Roserade using the Shiny Stone.
GulpinIt evolves into Swalot starting at level 26.
SwalotDo not evolve.
CarvanhaIt evolves into Sharpedo starting at level 30.
SharpedoDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Sharpedo using the Sharpedoite
WailmerIt evolves into Wailord starting at level 40.
WailordDo not evolve.
NumelIt evolves into Camerupt starting at level 33.
CameruptDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Camerupt using the Camerupite
TorkoalDo not evolve.
SpoinkIt evolves into Grumpig starting at level 32.
GrumpigDo not evolve.
SpindaDo not evolve.
TrapinchIt evolves into Vibrava starting at level 35.
VibravaIt evolves into Flygon starting at level 45.
FlygonDo not evolve.
CacneaIt evolves into Flygon starting at level 32.
CacturneDo not evolve.
SwabluIt evolves into Altaria starting at level 35.
AltariaDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Altaria using the Altariatite
ZangooseDo not evolve.
SeviperDo not evolve.
LunatoneDo not evolve.
SolrockDo not evolve.
BarboachIt evolves into Whiscash starting at level 30.
WhiscashDo not evolve.
CorphishIt evolves into Crawdaunt starting at level 30.
CrawdauntDo not evolve.
BaltoyIt evolves into Claydol starting at level 30.
ClaydolDo not evolve.
LileepIt evolves into Cradily starting at level 40.
CradilyDo not evolve.
AnorithIt evolves into Armaldo starting at level 40.
ArmaldoDo not evolve.
FeebasRSE/ORAS:It evolves into Milotic when leveled up with its Beauty condition high enough.
From gen. 5 onwards (ORAS included) it evolves when traded with the Prism Scales.

MiloticDo not evolve.
CastformDo not evolve.
KecleonDo not evolve.
ShuppetIt evolves into Banette starting at level 37.
BanettePrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Banette using the Banettite
DuskullIt evolves into Dusclops starting at level 37.
DusclopsIt evolves into Duscnoir scambiandolo con Reaper Cloth.
TropiusDo not evolve.
ChimechoDo not evolve.
AbsolPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Absol using the Absolite
WynautIt evolves into Wobbuffet starting at level 37.
SnoruntIt evolves into Glalie starting at level 42.
It evolves into Froslass using the Dawn Stone on a female Snorunt.
GlalieDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Glalie using the Glalieite
SphealIt evolves into Sealeo starting at level 32.
SealeoIt evolves into Walrein starting at level 44.
WalreinDo not evolve.
ClamperlIt evolves into Huntail when traded with the Deepseatooth.
It evolves into Gorebyss using the Deepseascale.
HuntailDo not evolve.
GorebyssDo not evolve.
RelicanthDo not evolve.
LuvdiscDo not evolve.
BagonIt evolves into Shelgon starting at level 30.
ShelgonIt evolves into Salamence starting at level 50.
SalamenceDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Salamence using the Salamencite
BeldumIt evolves into Metang starting at level 20.
MetangIt evolves into Metagross starting at level 45.
MetagrossDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Metagross using the Metagrossite
RegirockDo not evolve.
RegiceDo not evolve.
RegisteelDo not evolve.
LatiasDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Altaria using the Latiasite
LatiosDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Altaria using the Latiosite
KyogreDo not evolve.
GroudonDo not evolve.
RayquazaDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Rayquaza, to do so it needs to know the move Dragon Ascent
JirachiDo not evolve.
DeoxysDo not evolve.
TurtwigIt evolves into Grotle starting at level 18.
GrotleIt evolves into Torterra starting at level 32.
TorterraDo not evolve.
ChimcharIt evolves into Monferno starting at level 14.
MonfernoIt evolves into Infernape starting at level 36.
InfernapeDo not evolve.
PiplupIt evolves into Prinplup starting at level 16.
PrinplupIt evolves into Empoleon starting at level 36.
EmpoleonDo not evolve.
StarlyIt evolves into Staravia starting at level 14.
StaraviaIt evolves into Staraptor starting at level 34.
StaraptorDo not evolve.
BidoofIt evolves into Bibarel starting at level 15.
BibarelDo not evolve.
KricketotIt evolves into Kricketune starting at level 10.
KricketuneDo not evolve.
ShinxIt evolves into Luxio starting at level 15.
LuxioIt evolves into Luxray starting at level 30.
LuxrayDo not evolve.
BudewIt evolves into Roselia when leleved up with high friendship (only in daytime).
RoseradeDo not evolve.
CranidosIt evolves into Rampardos starting at level 30.
RampardosDo not evolve.
ShieldonIt evolves into Bastiodon starting at level 30.
BastiodonDo not evolve.
BurmyIt evolves starting at level 20. it evolves into Wormadamif female, into Mothim if male.
WormadamDo not evolve.
MothimDo not evolve.
CombeeIt evolves into Vespiquen starting at level 21, only if female.
VespiquenDo not evolve.
PachirisuDo not evolve.
BuizelIt evolves into Floatzel starting at level 26.
FloatzelDo not evolve.
CherubiIt evolves into Cherrim starting at level 25.
CherrimDo not evolve.
ShellosIt evolves into Gastrodon starting at level 30.
GastrodonDo not evolve.
AmbipomDo not evolve.
DrifloonIt evolves into Drifblim starting at level 28.
DrifblimDo not evolve.
BunearyIt evolves into Lopunny when leleved up with high friendship.
LopunnyDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Lopunny using the Lopunnyite
MismagiusDo not evolve.
HonchkrowDo not evolve.
GlameowIt evolves into Purugly starting at level 38.
PuruglyDo not evolve.
ChinglingIt evolves into Chimeco when leleved up with high friendship (only in nighttime).
StunkyIt evolves into Skuntank starting at level 34
SkuntankDo not evolve.
BronzorIt evolves into Bronzong starting at level 33.
BronzongDo not evolve.
BonslyIt evolves into Sudowoodo when leveled up while knowing Mimic.
Mime Jr.It evolves into Mr. Mimewhen leveled up while knowing Mimic.
HappinyIt evolves into Chansey when leleved up with high friendship (only in daytime) with Oval Stone.
ChatotDo not evolve.
SpiritombDo not evolve.
GibleIt evolves into Gabite starting at level 24.
GabiteIt evolves into Garchomp starting at level 48.
GarchompPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Garchomp using the Garchompite
MunchlaxIt evolves into Snorlax when leleved up with high friendship.
RioluIt evolves into Lucario when leleved up with high friendship (only in daytime).
LucarioPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Lucario using the Lucarionite
HippopotasIt evolves into Hippowdon starting at level 34.
HippowdonDo not evolve.
SkorupiIt evolves into Drapion starting at level 40.
DrapionDo not evolve.
CroagunkIt evolves into Toxicroak starting at level 37.
ToxicroakDo not evolve.
CarnivineDo not evolve.
FinneonIt evolves into Lumineon starting at level 31.
LumineonDo not evolve.
MantykeIt evolves into Mantine when leleved up if you have Remoraid in your team.
SnoverIt evolves into Abomasnow starting at level 40.
AbomasnowPrior Generation 6: Do not evolve.
XY|ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Abomasnow using the Abomasite
WeavileDo not evolve.
MagnezoneDo not evolve.
LickilickyDo not evolve.
RhyperiorDo not evolve.
TangrowthDo not evolve.
ElectivireDo not evolve.
MagmortarDo not evolve.
TogekissDo not evolve.
YanmegaDo not evolve.
LeafeonDo not evolve.
GlaceonDo not evolve.
GliscorDo not evolve.
MamoswineDo not evolve.
Porygon-ZDo not evolve.
GalladeDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Gallade using the Galladite
ProbopassDo not evolve.
DusknoirDo not evolve.
FroslassDo not evolve.
RotomDo not evolve.
UxieDo not evolve.
MespritDo not evolve.
AzelfDo not evolve.
DialgaDo not evolve.
PalkiaDo not evolve.
HeatranDo not evolve.
RegigigasDo not evolve.
GiratinaDo not evolve.
CresseliaDo not evolve.
PhioneDo not evolve.
ManaphyDo not evolve.
DarkraiDo not evolve.
ShayminDo not evolve.
ArceusDo not evolve.
VictiniDo not evolve.
SnivyIt evolves into Servine starting at level 17.
ServineIt evolves into Serperior starting at level 36.
SerperiorDo not evolve.
TepigIt evolves into Pignite starting at level 17.
PigniteIt evolves into Emboar starting at level 36.
EmboarDo not evolve.
OshawottSi evolce in Dewott starting at level 17.
DewottIt evolves into Smurott starting at level 36.
SamurottDo not evolve.
PatratIt evolves into Watchog starting at level 20.
WatchogDo not evolve.
LillipupIt evolves into Herdier starting at level 16.
HerdierIt evolves into Stoutland starting at level 32.
StoutlandDo not evolve.
PurrloinIt evolves into Liepard starting at level 20.
LiepardDo not evolve.
PansageIt evolves into Simisage using the Leaf Stone.
SimisageDo not evolve.
PansearIt evolves into Simisear using the Fire Stone.
SimisearDo not evolve.
PanpourIt evolves into Simipour using the Water Stone.
SimipourDo not evolve.
MunnaIt evolves into Musharna using the Moon Stone.
MusharnaDo not evolve.
PidoveIt evolves into Tranquill starting at level 21.
TranquillIt evolves into Unfezant starting at level 32.
UnfezantDo not evolve.
BlitzleIt evolves into Zebstrika starting at level 27.
ZebstrikaDo not evolve.
RoggenrolaIt evolves into Boldore starting at level 25.
BoldoreIt evolves into Gigalith when traded.
GigalithDo not evolve.
WoobatIt evolves into Swoobat when leleved up with high friendship.
SwoobatDo not evolve.
DrilburIt evolves into Excadrill starting at level 31.
ExcadrillDo not evolve.
AudinoDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Audino using the Audinite
TimburrIt evolves into Gurdurr starting at level 25.
GurdurrIt evolves into Conkeldurr when traded.
ConkeldurrDo not evolve.
TympoleIt evolves into Palpitoad starting at level 25.
PalpitoadIt evolves into Seismitoad starting at level 36.
SeismitoadDo not evolve.
ThrohDo not evolve.
SawkDo not evolve.
SewaddleIt evolves into Swadloon starting at level 20.
SwadloonIt evolves into Leavanny when leleved up with high friendship.
LeavannyDo not evolve.
VenipedeIt evolves into Whirlipede starting at level 22.
WhirlipedeIt evolves into Scolipede starting at level 30.
ScolipedeDo not evolve.
CottoneeIt evolves into Whimsicott using the Sun Stone.
WhimsicottDo not evolve.
PetililIt evolves into Lilligant using the Sun Stone.
LilligantDo not evolve.
BasculinDo not evolve.
SandileIt evolves into Krokoro starting at level 29.
KrokoroIt evolves into Krookodile starting at level 40.
KrookodileDo not evolve.
DarumakaIt evolves into Darmanitan starting at level 35.
DarmanitanDo not evolve.
MaractusDo not evolve.
DwebbleIt evolves into Crustle starting at level 34.
CrustleDo not evolve.
ScraggyIt evolves into Scrafty starting at level 39.
ScraftyDo not evolve.
SigilyphDo not evolve.
YamaskIt evolves into Cofagrigus starting at level 34.
CofagrigusDo not evolve.
TirtougaIt evolves into Carracosta starting at level 37.
CarracostaDo not evolve.
ArchenIt evolves into Archeops starting at level 37.
ArcheopsDo not evolve.
TrubbishIt evolves into Garbador starting at level 36.
GarbadorDo not evolve.
ZoruaIt evolves into Zoroark starting at level 30.
ZoroarkDo not evolve.
MincinnoIt evolves into Cincinno con la Shiny Stone.
CincinnoDo not evolve.
GothitaIt evolves into Gothorith starting at level 32.
GothorithIt evolves into Gothitelle starting at level 41.
GothitelleDo not evolve.
SolosisIt evolves into Duosion starting at level32.
DuosionIt evolves into Reuniclus starting at level 41.
ReuniclusDo not evolve.
DucklettIt evolves into Swanna starting at level 35.
SwannaDo not evolve.
VanilliteIt evolves into Vanillish starting at level 35.
VanillishIt evolves into Vanilluxe starting at level 47.
VanilluxeDo not evolve.
DeerlingIt evolves into Sawsbuk starting at level 34.
SawsbukDo not evolve.
EmolgaDo not evolve.
KarrablastIt evolves into Escavalier when traded for a Shelmet.
EscavalierDo not evolve.
FoongusIt evolves into Amoongus starting at level 39.
AmoongusDo not evolve.
FrillishIt evolves into Jellicent starting at level 40.
JellicentDo not evolve.
AlomomolaDo not evolve.
JolticIt evolves into Galvantula starting at level 36.
GalvantulaDo not evolve.
FerroseedIt evolves into Ferrothon starting at level 40.
FerrothornDo not evolve.
KlinkIt evolves into Klang starting at level 38.
KlangIt evolves into Klingklank starting at level 49.
KlingklangDo not evolve.
TynamoIt evolves into Elektrik starting at level 39.
ElektrikIt evolves into Elektross using the Thunder Stone.
ElektrossDo not evolve.
ElgyemIt evolves into Beheeyem starting at level 42.
BeheeyemDo not evolve.
LitwickIt evolves into Lampent starting at level 41.
LampentIt evolves into Chandelure using the Dusk Stone.
ChandelureDo not evolve.
AxewIt evolves into Fraxure starting at level 38.
FraxureIt evolves into Hanorus starting at level 48.
HaxorusDo not evolve.
CubchooIt evolves into Beartic starting at level 37.
BearticDo not evolve.
CryogonalDo not evolve.
ShelmetIt evolves into Accelgor when traded for a Karrablast.
AccelgorDo not evolve.
StunfiskDo not evolve.
MienfooIt evolves into Mienshao starting at level 50.
MienshaoDo not evolve.
DruddigonDo not evolve.
GolettIt evolves into Golurk starting at level 43.
GolurkDo not evolve.
PawniardIt evolves into Bisharp starting at level 52.
BisharpDo not evolve.
BouffalantDo not evolve.
RuffletIt evolves into Braviary starting at level 54.
BraviaryDo not evolve.
VullabyIt evolves into Mandibuzz starting at level 54.
MandibuzzDo not evolve.
HeatmorDo not evolve.
DurantDo not evolve.
DeinoIt evolves into Zeilous starting at level 50.
ZweilousIt evolves into Hydreigon starting at level 64.
HydreigonDo not evolve.
LarvestaIt evolves into Volcarona starting at level 59.
VolcaronaDo not evolve.
CobalionDo not evolve.
TerrakionDo not evolve.
VirizionDo not evolve.
TornadusDo not evolve.
ThundurusDo not evolve.
ReshiramDo not evolve.
ZekromDo not evolve.
LandorusDo not evolve.
KyuremDo not evolve.
KeldeoDo not evolve.
MeloettaDo not evolve.
GenesectDo not evolve.
ChespinIt evolves into Quilladin starting at level 16.
QuilladinIt evolves into Chesnaught starting at level 36.
ChesnaughtDo not evolve.
FennekinIt evolves into Braixen starting at level 16.
BraixenIt evolves into Delphox starting at level 36.
DelphoxDo not evolve.
FroakieIt evolves into Frogadier starting at level 16.
FrogadierIt evolves into Greninja starting at level 36.
GreninjaDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/659.pngBunnelbyIt evolves into Diggersby starting at level 20.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/660.pngDiggersbyDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/661.pngFletchlingIt evolves into Fletchinder starting at level 17.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/662.pngFletchinderIt evolves into Talonflame starting at level 35.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/663.pngTalonflameDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/664.pngScatterbugIt evolves into Spewpa starting at level 9.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/665.pngSpewpaIt evolves into Vivillon starting at level 12.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/666.pngVivillonDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/667.pngLitleoIt evolves into Pyroar starting at level 35.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/668.pngPyroarDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/669.pngFlabébééIt evolves into Floette starting at level 19.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/670.pngFloetteIt evolves into Florges using the Shiny Stone.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/671.pngFlorgesDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/672.pngSkiddoIt evolves into Gogoat starting at level 32.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/673.pngGogoatDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/674.pngPanchamIt evolves into Pangoro starting at level 32 with a Dark-type in your team.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/675.pngPangoroDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/676.pngFurfrouDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/6776.pngEspurrIt evolves into Meowstic starting at level 25.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/678.pngMeowsticDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/679.pngHonedgeIt evolves into Doublade starting at level 35.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/680.pngDoubladeDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/681.pngAegislashIt evolves into Florges using the Dusk Stone.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/682.pngSpritzeeIt evolves into Aromatisse when traded with the http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/basics/itemdex/sachet.pngSachet.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/683.pngAromatisseDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/684.pngSwirlixIt evolves into Aromatisse when traded with the http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/basics/itemdex/whippeddream.pngWhipped Dream.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/685.pngSlurpuffDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/686.pngInkayIt evolves into Malamar starting at level 30 while holding the 3DS upside-down.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/687.pngMalamarDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/688.pngBinacleIt evolves into Barbaracle starting at level 39.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/689.pngBarbaracleDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/690.pngSkrelpIt evolves into Dragalge starting at level 48.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/691.pngDragalgeDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/692.pngClauncherIt evolves into Clawitzer starting at level 37.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/693.pngClawitzerDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/694.pngHelioptileIt evolves into Florges using the Sun Stone.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/695.pngHelioliskDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/696.pngTyruntIt evolves into Tyrantrum starting at level 39 (only in daytime).
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/697.pngTyrantrumDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/698.pngAmauraIt evolves into Aurorus starting at level 39 (only in night time).
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/699.pngAurorusDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/700.pngSylveonDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/701.pngHawluchaDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/702.pngDedenneDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/703.pngCarbinkDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/704.pngGoomyIt evolves into Clawitzer starting at level 40.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/705.pngSliggooIt evolves into Clawitzer starting at level 50 (only when rain).
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/706.pngGoodraDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/707.pngKlefkiDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/708.pngPhantumpIt evolves into Trevenant when traded.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/709.pngTrevenantDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/710.pngPumpkabooIt evolves into Gourgeist when traded.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/711.pngGourgeistDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/712.pngBergmiteIt evolves into Avalugg starting at level 37.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/713.pngAvaluggDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/714.pngNoibatIt evolves into Noivern starting at level 48.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/715.pngNoivernDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/716.pngXerneasDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/717.pngYveltalDo not evolve.
http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/sprite/xy/718.pngZygardeDo not evolve.
DiancieDo not evolve.
ORAS: It Mega Evolves into Mega Diancie using the Diancite


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