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How I Become a Pokémon Card

Mar 7, 2019
How I Become a Pokémon Card
  • Pokémon Card Ni Natta Wake (How I Became a Pokémon Card) is a manga created by Kagemaru Himeno (the artist of the first Pokémon cards in the TCG) and counts 6 volumes of short stories of the Pokémon that appear in the TCG cards.
    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: The Day Dratini Grew Up
    Chapter 2: Team Rocket and Dark Charmeleon
    Chapter 3: The Newborn Grimer
    Chapter 4: Akane-Colored Eevee
    Chapter 5: The Wind, Tsubasa, and Pidgeot
    Chapter 6: Jigglypuff and the Clock Tower
    Chapter 7: Mankey and Mankey and Primeape
    Volume 2
    Chapter 8: Erika and Kaede... and Dark Gloom
    Chapter 9: Exeggutor's Deserted Island
    Chapter 10: The Pokémon Trainer and his Butterfree
    Chapter 11: Golbat's Cave
    Chapter 12: Squirtle's Search for Spring
    Chapter 13: Troubled Pokémon, Psyduck
    Chapter 14: Rhydon's Pride
    Volume 3
    Chapter 15: Bellsprout's Meadow
    Chapter 16: Tear-Colored Vaporeon
    Chapter 17: The Injured Persian
    Chapter 18: The Power of Believing, Slowpoke's Miracle
    Chapter 19: Twilight Jynx
    Chapter 20: The Stray Girl's Stray Oddish
    Chapter 21: The Legend of Cinnabar Island: Growlithe and the Fire Stone

    Volume 4
    Chapter 22: The Prank-Loving Drowzee
    Chapter 23: The True Treasure Hunter?! Dark Dugtrio
    Chapter 24: Absent-Minded Sunkern
    Chapter 25: Showdown of Rock and Steel?! Golem VS Steelix
    Chapter 26: Rumored Pokémon of the City, Mama and Pi-chan
    Chapter 27: Short-Tempted Sunkern
    Volume 5

    Chapter 28: The Feelings of Pokémon, the Feelings of Lickitung
    Chapter 29: Poliwhirl's Belly Drum
    Chapter 30: The Smile that Makes Hoppip Happy
    Chapter 31: The Angry Jolteon
    Chapter 32: Magikarp's "Waterfall Evolution"!
    Volume 6
    Chapter 33: Roly-Poly Roly-Poly Omanyte
    Chapter 34: Nidoran F's Maiden Heart
    Chapter 35: Igglybuff's Lamentation
    Chapter 36: The Star that Slugma Saw
    Chapter 37: The Light of Hope that Shines in the Darkness, Lanturn
    Chapter 38: Akari and Pikachu's Birthday
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