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Pokédex 3D

Jun 2, 2015
Pokédex 3D
  • Specifications

    Release Date: Japan: June 17, 2011/ North America June 6, 2011/ Europe June 7, 2011
    Genre: Pokédex
    Players: Single
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS

    This Pokédex (the first Pokémon "game" for 3DS) is an application that can be downloaded for free from the eShop until the end of the 2012. An upgraded version (Pokédex 3D Pro) has replaced this one.
    The Pokédex will provide many details about Pokémon like: statistics, the level at which a Pokémon evolves, the description in the original Pokédex, the moves they can learn and of course we can see the Pokémon in 3D.

    Initially, only 16 Pokémon will be available in the Pokédex but there will be available more than 150). In order to catch them all you have to use the SpotPass or the Wireless, StreetPass, SpotPass.
    This application will use QR codes and AR Cards (these allow you to see the Pokémon in the real world).

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