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Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪

Mar 7, 2019
Pokémon Chamo-Chamo ☆ Pretty ♪

    Pokémon Chamo-Chamo Pretty was created by Yumi Tsukirino and is the sequel of the manga Magical Pokémon Journey. It is a comedy that follows the adventures of Pikachu and Clefary and their two new friends: Torchic and Mightyena.
    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: Torchic Princess
    Chapter 2: A Destined Meeting (chamo!?)
    Chapter 3: Haruka and Mudkip (chamo!)
    Chapter 4: Enter the Idiot Treecko (chamo!)
    Chapter 5: Evolution is Scary (chamo?)
    Chapter 6: Full of Spinda (chamo!)
    Chapter 7: The Legend of Luvdisc (chamo♥)
    Chapter 8: Test of Courage (chamo~)
    Chapter 9: An Elegant Transformation (chamo!?)
    Chapter 10: The Cute Contest (chamo!)
    Chapter 11: Drunken Confession (chamo!?)
    Chapter 12: Enter Kanata (chamo!)
    Bonus Chapter 1: Good Luck, Pikachu!
    Volume 2
    Chapter 13: The Love of Two People Fighting (chamo♥)
    Chapter 14: Pokéblock Showdown! (chamo)
    Chapter 15 Falling in Love With Torchic's Training (chamo!)
    Chapter 16: Torchic's Distress (chamo)
    Chapter 17: Clefairy's Mighty Flower (chamo!)
    Chapter 18: Swablu's Unrequited Love (chamo)
    Chapter 19: Barboach Fishing Rally (chamo)
    Chapter 20: It Became an Electric Pokémon (chamo!?)
    Chapter 21: Playing with Glalie (chamo!)
    Chapter 22: Delcatty-chan's Confession (chamo)
    Chapter 23: Christmas Present (chamo)
    Chapter 24: Torchic and the Big Ending Strategy (chamo)
    Chapter 25: Dream-Seeing Lottery Sale (chamo)
    Chapter 26: The Three Psychic Pokémon Siblings (chamo)
    Chapter 27: Treecko's Older Sister (chamo)
    Chapter 28: Torchic's Heart is Complicated!? (chamo)
    Volume 3
    Chapter 29: Get the Love Potion (chamo)
    Chapter 30: Tanabata Wishes (chamo)
    Chapter 31: Sea of Uneasy Feelings (chamo)
    Chapter 32: Poochyena's Weird Hobby (chamo)
    Chapter 33: Grumpig's Wonderful Ball (chamo)
    Chapter 34: Beyond Love (chamo)
    Chapter 35: Christmas Present (chamo)
    Chapter 36: A Lovely New Year's Eve (chamo)
    Chapter 37: Heart-thumping Valentine's Day (chamo)
    Chapter 38: Gluttony Tournament of Romance (chamo)
    Chapter 39: The Guardian God of Love Metamiko (chamo)
    Chapter 40: Sandslash's Love (chamo)
    Chapter 41: Swablu's Proposal Completion!? (chamo)
    Chapter 42: Mirage Island's Liechi Berries (chamo)
    Chapter 43: Torchic's Love's Final Chapter (prequel)
    Bonus Chapter 2: Torchic's Love's Final Chapter (sequel)
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