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Pokémon Dream Radar

Jun 2, 2015
Pokémon Dream Radar
  • http://www.pokemon-trainer.com/images/games/3ds/dream_radar.png


    Release Date: Japan: June 23, 2012/ North America: October 7, 2012/ Europe October 12, 2012
    Genre: Shooting
    Players: Single
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS

    Pokémon Dream Radar (Pokémon AR Searcher in Japanese) is a shooter game that casts the Pokémon in the real world thanks to the Nintendo 3DS.
    This software allows you to capture some Pokémon and then transfer them to Pokémonn Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.
    The game consists to shoot a light to hits the shadow of a Pokémon to identify them and catch them.

    The official website has revealed that some rare Pokémon (like the Therian Forms) can only be found and caught in this game.



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