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Pokémon RéBURST

Mar 7, 2019
Pokémon RéBURST

    Pocket Monster RéBURST was released in Japan from March 23, 2011 until October 24, 2012 in Weekly Shounen Sunday from Kusade Jin (story) and Tamura Mitsuhisa (drawings).
    The manga is collected in 8 volumes.

    The main character of this manga is Ryouga, a boy who lives in a small village inhabited by Pokémon. Our protagonist will start looking for his father and a mysterious warrior named Arcades. Ryouga's aim is to meet Arcades and prove that he has become strong. Unlike all the other Pokémon manga, in this series the main character and many others have the ability to turn into a Pokémon-human hybrid. This ability is called Burst and is possible thanks to special crystals called "Hearts Burst".
    The "Hearts Burst" give humans the powers of the Pokémon that is within the stone plus part of their appearance but if the "Heart Burst "is destroyed the Pokémon inside the crystal will be released.

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Adventure!
    Chapter 2: Ryouga's Secret
    Chapter 3: The Perilous Mt. Serables
    Chapter 4: The First Battle
    Chapter 5: An Overwhelming Drawback...!
    Chapter 6: Ryouga's Feelings...
    Chapter 7: A New Friend!?

    Volume 2
    Chapter 8: The World's Best...!!?
    Chapter 9: The Compass of Light
    Chapter 10: Enigmatic Burst Warrior
    Chapter 11: Incomplete Burst?
    Chapter 12: True Strength
    Chapter 13: The Compass's Whereabouts
    Chapter 14: The Man Called Rend
    Chapter 15: This is Training!?
    Chapter 16: The Road to Zekrom
    Chapter 17: The Gatekeeper Boy

    Volume 3
    Chapter 18: Ryouga and Zekrom
    Chapter 19: Two Burst Hearts
    Chapter 20: Many Lights
    Chapter 21: Burst Heart Survival Begins!
    Chapter 22: Eight Boxes and Two Buttons
    Chapter 23: Box Escape Survival
    Chapter 24: Add-up-to-10 Survival
    Chapter 25: Giant Warrior Dokan
    Chapter 26: Battle in the Gas
    Chapter 27: Once More, Hariru and...!!

    Volume 4
    Chapter 28: Grown Strength...!
    Chapter 29: The Winner and The Loser...
    Chapter 30: The Remaining Four
    Chapter 31: Their Hidden Feelings...
    Chapter 32: Seesaw Balloon Survival
    Chapter 33: Pleasure of Fighting
    Chapter 34: Reversals and Secrets
    Chapter 35: Truth
    Chapter 36: The Switched Past
    Chapter 37: The Perfect Defense

    Volume 5
    Chapter 38: Mastermind
    Chapter 39: Final Match Starts!
    Chapter 40: Left Arm
    Chapter 41: Unyielding Heart
    Chapter 42: Ray of Hope
    Chapter 43: The Power of Two
    Chapter 44: A Billion Yen and a New Journey
    Chapter 45: To Karuta's Village!
    Chapter 46: Battle on the Bridge
    Chapter 47: Reason Not to Return

    Volume 6
    Chapter 48: Mother
    Chapter 49: Mysterious Beauty, Rug
    Chapter 50: 2 Against 1
    Chapter 51: The Stolen Heart
    Chapter 52: The Path We Should Choose
    Chapter 53: The Strongman Tournament
    Chapter 54: To Lose is to Win?
    Chapter 55: The Closed Path
    Chapter 56: The Assassin Hired by Garyū
    Chapter 57: Legendary Pokémon

    Volume 7
    Chapter 58: The Three Assassins
    Chapter 59: The Three Generals
    Chapter 60: Ryouga and Amu
    Chapter 61: The Saviors Appear!
    Chapter 62: What happened to Hariru!?
    Chapter 63: Hariru's Evolution
    Chapter 64: Metal
    Chapter 65: Respective Barriers
    Chapter 66: Betrayal and Revenge and ...
    Chapter 67: Evolution Against the Strongest

    Volume 8
    Chapter 68: A Warrior's Tears
    Chapter 69: Father and Arcades
    Chapter 70: Trial
    Chapter 71: Fraud's Past
    Chapter 72: The One who would Become Arcades
    Chapter 73: The Birth of the New Arcades
    Chapter 74: The Course of the World
    Chapter 75: The Eternal Tower
    Chapter 76: The Power of One and the Power of the World
    Chapter 77: Endless Adventure

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