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Pokémon Rumble Blast

Jun 3, 2015
Pokémon Rumble Blast

  • Specifications

    Release Date: Japan:August 11, 2011/ North America: October 24, 2011/ Europe: December 2, 2011
    Category: Action RPG
    Players: 1-2
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS


    Pokémon Rumble Blast (know in Europe as Super Pokémon Rumble) is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and is a sequel to Pokémon Rumble, released on the WiiWare channel.
    The game features all five generation of Pokémon (except for Keldeo, Genesect and Meloetta).
    As for the title for the Wii, we will have to defeat the Toy Pokémon on the screen, recruit them and collect coins (with these your Pokémon can learn new moves) to defeat the bosses.

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