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Pokémon the Comic

Jun 1, 2015
Pokémon the Comic
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    This is a special volume released in Japan June 7, 2013.
    This volume contain:
    - the "Red and Pika" (Mt. Silver special round) special chapter (it was annunced by a popularity poll in 2011) by Satoshi Yamato and Hidenori Kusaka (the authors of Pokémon Special)
    - a poster with the characters of Pokémon Special (Red plus the Gym Leaders and the Champion)
    - a guide with some information about the 15 Pokédex holders
    - 3 chapters from Pokémon Special (Black & White Arc)
    - the conclusion of the manga "Pocket Monsters BW: Good Partners". The manga was cancelled because the magazine in which it was published got cancelled.
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