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Pokémon Try Adventure

Mar 7, 2019
Pokémon Try Adventure

    Pokémon Try Adventure is a manga illustrated by Miho Asada (author of Pokémon Get Da Ze!, Try Adventure and Phantom Thief Pokémon 7) and written by Jun Keijima and Koiking Laboratory. The manga was published on CoroCoro Comics from 2010 to 2011 in three volumes.
    The manga follows the adventures of three people and their Pokémon: Katsuya: a genius of Pokémon battles who wants to be stronger, Soro a Pokémon collector and Toki a survival expert. The three of them accept missions, challenges, resolving mysteries and help people and Pokémon.
    Volume 1
    Chapter 1: A Fateful Meeting
    Chapter 2: A Strong Man
    Chapter 3: The Guardian of the Volcano
    Chapter 4: The Legendary Pokémon Appears
    Chapter 5: Capture Entei!
    Chapter 6: Great Escape!
    Chapter 7: Protect the Harmony of the Forest!
    Chapter 8: Mystery of the Mansion
    Chapter 9: Rescue Eevee
    Chapter 10: Phantom Thief Haidoru
    Chapter 11: Treasure Hunt in the Sea
    Chapter 12: Who's the Best?
    Chapter 13: Mythical Pokémon
    Chapter 14: The Lost Two

    Volume 2
    Chapter 15: A Truly Strong Man
    Chapter 16: Soro's Dream
    Chapter 17: Friendship on the Snowfields
    Chapter 18: Caty's Big Chance!?
    Chapter 19: Arceus Revealed!
    Chapter 20: Toki's Sad Past
    Chapter 21: Adventure without End
    Chapter 22: Big Panic at the Factory
    Chapter 23: Jido and Katsuya
    Chapter 24: Sandstorm Battle!
    Chapter 25: Formed! Trystar!
    Chapter 26: Clue to Cresselia!
    Chapter 27: The Lunar Wing
    Chapter 28: Connected Spaces
    Chapter 29: A New Encounter
    Volume 3
    Chapter 30: Manami's Debut!
    Chapter 31: The First Mission
    Chapter 32: Tough!? The Flower's Nectar!
    Chapter 33: Moonlit Treasure Hunt!
    Chapter 34: Adrift at Sea
    Chapter 35: An Unfamiliar Combo Play!
    Chapter 36: Toki and Manami
    Chapter 37: Rescue on the Stormy Seas
    Chapter 38: Open the Mysterious Box!
    Chapter 39: The Three New Pokémon
    Chapter 40: Those Who Wait on the New Continent
    Chapter 41: Cold!? Snivy!
    Chapter 42: Tepig's Courage
    Chapter 43: Eager Beaver Oshawott!!
    Chapter 44: Showdown! The Black-White Demon King!!
    Chapter 45: The Demon King's Explosive Power!
    Chapter 46: Go For It, Manami!
    Chapter 47: The Final Battle!!
    Chapter 48: Trystar, to the Future
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