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Jul 22, 2016
  • The PokéStops are blue dotted portals that are located at interesting places such as public art installations, historical markers, churches and monuments.
    Everytime you visit a PokéStop and you spin the landmark on your screen, you will get between 3 to 9 items and some exp. points. You get 50 XP points for each PokéStop that you visit and if you are lucky to get 6 or more items you will get 100 XP.
    Screenshot_2016-07-22-07-59-50.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-07-59-55.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-07-59-59.png
    When you reedemed your items, the PokéStop becomes unusable for around 5 minutes. The colour of the PokéStop will change from blue to purple for the entire time that the PokéStop isn't usable and will return blue after the 5 minutes and you will get the opportunity to get more items.

    You can also assign the "Lure Module" item to a PokéStop. This item will attract wild Pokémon for 30 minutes and the effect benefits you and other players nearby.
    Screenshot_2016-07-22-07-58-02.png Screenshot_2016-07-22-08-12-44.png

    PokéStop items:
    • Egg
    • Poké Ball
    • Mega Ball (unlocks at level 12)
    • Ultra Ball (unlocks at level 20)
    • Potion (unlocks at level 5)
    • Super Potion (unlocks at level 10)
    • Hyper Potion (unlocks at level 15)
    • Max Potion (unlocks at level 25)
    • Revive (unlocks at level 5)
    • Max Revive (unlocks at level 30)
    • Razz Berry (unlocks at level 8)
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